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How do you rate Obama‘s response to the crisis in Iraq?

  1. Too late
  2. Too weak
  3. Too aggressive
  4. Just wrong
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Aug-11-14 6:35 PM

I heard that the Obama administration is blaming "bad intelligence" for their lack of foresight about ISIS and its current actions.

Really? Like the "bad intelligence" that the Bush administration received about WMDs?

No, that was an excuse, and Pres. Obama remains a victim of circumstance.


They're making it up as they go, yet their supporters remain faithful...

see no evil

hear no evil

speak no evil

of Pres. Obama. Why? Well, because.

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Aug-11-14 6:31 PM

"North Dakotans -- and the rest of the red-faced, Red State, taker fake-triots that care about Bush -- are to blame for the crisis in Iraq."

PJinfinity, you really don't like North Dakota, do you? Too bad for you if you really live here.

Now back to the present: Pres. Obama has been authorizing the airstrikes and drone activity in Iraq, not that other guy.

Pres. Obama was proud of taking care of the former president's "mess" in Iraq. He said so, many times.

Now that ISIS is wreaking havoc on other human beings in Iraq, Pres. Obama's actions will NEVER be questioned by his sycophant followers. No, no.

Only Pres. Obama can execute a righteous airstrike, eh?

Hypocritical Democrats, still blaming Bush while Pres. Obama is the one with his finger on the trigger.

How does that make all the peaceniks feel?


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Aug-11-14 10:39 AM

Just returning the favor garr...get over it.

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Aug-11-14 10:23 AM

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Aug-10-14 6:10 PM


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Aug-10-14 11:06 AM

but that is the direction most leaders like then they play on fear and the good feelings other then fixing a problem cause if you are looking at that you doent look at the real problem.

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Aug-10-14 11:01 AM

now if you look at your comments bill you are a prime example of what i say you are more interested in blaming then fixing, read your posts that is why they get removed.

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Aug-10-14 10:58 AM

the way i see it is our leaders are to make things better and deal with the problems that show up not to point fingers and put gass on a fire, like the tax code fix the tax code doent blame your people for using the tax code that our leaders put in place, this is a poor leader all around.

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Aug-10-14 9:28 AM

this is the same kind of mind set that flooded minot in 2011. i see more thinking of how to walk away from something then dealing with it and that is what we pay for, this man is a joke.

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Aug-09-14 4:31 PM

Who cares about bush, who cares about obama.

The problem with the USA system is that congress will not work together for anything. That is the shame. It will no doubt be any better when Republicans get into power and the dems own the congress.

So how do you fix it? I don't see any bright Dems or Republicans on here offering a solution.

None of you Regular guys will even run for Mayor of Minot. You'd rather sit behind your computers and quarterback things.

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Aug-09-14 2:44 PM

"...oval "orifice"..."

raj, this is an interesting play on words.

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Aug-09-14 2:43 PM

"The greatest scandal of all is that so many people are prepared to suspend beliefs in reality and buy into the absolute manufactured, surreal rhetoric that passes for (left) wing politics."

Credit for this c/p goes to billgrr, with just the slightest of edits coming from yours truly.

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Aug-09-14 2:41 PM

billgrr's vivid imagination is running away with him again.

There is no "scary black man" in the White House. There is a liberal Democrat president in the White House who campaigned as a pseudo-moderate and governs as an unabashed liberal.

Scary? No. Supported blindly by partisans like billgrr? Yes.

It's all the "unintended consequences" of liberal policies that we should be addressing, instead of keeping the wayback machine dialed in on former president Bush.

So the last six years of the Obama presidency have had zero "successes?" I think not.

Obamacare: unpopular

Foreign policy: disengaged

Economy: definitely not surging back

Confidence: so-so

Somewhat of a lackluster performance by a president whose supporters say he's the one we were waiting for...

Talk about blind, deaf and dumb, billgrr.

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Aug-09-14 12:04 PM

why is it ok now and not when we were set up to do something about this. oh ya it sounded good and got votes, this man has put a price un human life but not his. other world leaders just sit and laugh at him.

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Aug-09-14 10:26 AM

A: Throw back their heads and howl even louder.

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Aug-09-14 10:26 AM

Q: What would diehard Democrat partisans do without a former Pres. Bush to blame for everything under the sun?

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Aug-09-14 10:23 AM

Classy as always, billgrr.

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Aug-09-14 10:06 AM

Deflect-O-Rama courtesy billgrr

I wonder what Democrats truly think of this president whose administration has been woefully inept in so many of its ways and means.

The crisis in Iraq is real, with men, women and children dying. And billgrr is right here, right now airing his usual generalized complaints about Republicans.


sees no evil

hears no evil

speaks no evil

about the current Democrat president.


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Aug-09-14 9:26 AM

has this clown-in-chief done anything right, the people of West Africa are suffering from the ebola outbreak and he is on a two week vacation playing golf...heard that he cheat a lot on the links

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Aug-09-14 9:17 AM

e. Loaded question

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Aug-09-14 9:06 AM

Peeweepeterson because evrybody knows "just right" has never been an option for this president. Be real the man is a complete idiot and has not once in his presidency ever came close to being right on anything.

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Aug-09-14 12:59 AM

Why not "just right" in the poll?


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