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Would Chuck Schumer make a good U.S. president?

  1. Yes
  2. Maybe
  3. No
  4. Who?
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Feb-15-14 11:54 AM

Maybe the GOP should run another exceedingly wealthy, old, White, tax-sheltering corporate executive who "likes firing people" and openly calls 47% of Americans lazy moochers.

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Feb-14-14 2:41 PM

Animal,You are so innocent.HA,HA,HA,HA,.Goinpesce

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Feb-14-14 2:10 PM

Chuck U Schumer, Camera Hog in chief unless Fox news shows up then he runs faster than a socialist progressive heading to the bank to cash his George Soros paycheck.

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Feb-14-14 2:08 PM

You will love this one, Remember?

New York Senator Chuck Schumer says everyone in Washington needs to compromise to fix the debt crisis. Schumer explained in an interview Sunday, quote, "We have three branches of government. We have a House, we have a Senate, and we have a president. All three of us are going to have to come together and give some." Of course, Schumer forgot entirely about the judicial branch that equally shares power with the executive branch and the legislative branch. Schumer's office said it was a slip of the tongue and that he was referring to the three parties at the table.

and another;

"Biking through New York's boroughs in 2005, I thought about some old friends, Joe and Eileen Bailey. Though they are imaginary, I frequently talk to them." --Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), in an excerpt from his book, Positively American

The list is endless it appears. Joe Biden probably tops them all.

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Feb-14-14 12:20 PM

I am from wishek and said "who" since I really did not know. After reading this pole my answer is no.

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Feb-14-14 12:16 PM

He'd make a great president although Elizibeth Warren would be a better choice!

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Feb-14-14 11:11 AM

hey, do you really want a liberal from New York City, it is bad enough we have the clown-in-chief from Chicago and maybe the future will have another Clinton. Bill will have fun with the interns.

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Feb-14-14 8:44 AM

I thought his name was Schmuck Chumer.

Wrong again.

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Feb-14-14 8:19 AM

No he wouldn't, but his niece is very funny and easy on the eyes!!!

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Feb-14-14 7:40 AM

Is the MDN trying to throw us off track.Stay focused,Hilary.Goinpeace

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Feb-14-14 5:35 AM

chuck you schumer is making too much money on the side in NY to want to be president. Although his scruples are the same as messiah's, so the policies would be virtually the same. as with hillary. "This is Clear For All To See....."

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