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Was there a clear winner in the budget battle?

  1. Yes, Democrats
  2. Yes, Republicans
  3. This isn't a game
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Oct-18-13 1:43 AM

Now the Repubs are trying to spin it in their favor.. Yuk. There are losers in this game and it is the average joe from the USA. The Republican did not care. They are losers all.

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Oct-18-13 1:45 AM

Republicans want to cut 18 Billion from food stamps but waste 24 Billion for the ted Cruz crazy mobile and the tea party wet dream. Time for the Republican party to pay it back. Just call the Koch brothers and they can pay.

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Oct-18-13 1:56 AM

Who voted Cruz in? Exactly, make all them people who checked his name to pay. 'MURICA

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Oct-18-13 6:58 AM

Obama has been the president for 5 years, has borrowed 1.9 trillion in each and every one of those years and all anybody notices is 24 billion that some dumb idiotic Republican has wasted in 16 days.

President Obama was the clear winner, he gets to borrow another 2 trillion again this year and nobody complains.

18 trillion in debt and crazy complainers complain about 24 billion.

Beam me up, Scotty.

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Oct-18-13 7:01 AM

Obama should be forced to pay since he is the one that started this entire fiasco. I doublt he would share his wealth though as he only likes to redistribute the wealth of people who have worked their entire lives to earn it.

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Oct-18-13 8:08 AM

Nope just a bunch of losers.

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Oct-18-13 8:53 AM

Bill you are right on this morning, but not getting much love from the daily idiots!!The idiots are out in full force, because the commy emperor won yet again! The working people of America have ZERO chance of survival. Between the 54% of total, lazy idiots and the 24 hr. propaganda spewing lib. media the chance off ever stopping this destruction of our country is ZIP!! When hairless reid and pigloiose, pushed by the emperor, can say NO NO NO to everything and bstill blame Ted Cruz for all the problems, and the idiot sheep believe it all there is NO HOPE!

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Oct-18-13 8:57 AM

RICROD perfect example of a liberal, can't argue with the truth so call bill a play ground name and you win! Thanks for proving my point!!

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Oct-18-13 9:40 AM

The atrocities of Nazi Germany aren't punchlines to political jokes.

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Oct-18-13 9:54 AM

Republicans are knuckle-dragging neanderthals, with apologies to knuckle-dragging neanderthals, anybody with one cell in their brain knows that these days. They're dumb enough to be a Republican, I can't feel sorry for them.

Democrats are just more sophisticated at avoiding to look like the knuckle-dragging neanderthals that they are, again, with apologies to knuckle-dragging neanderthals. They're dumber than a box of rocks to choose to be a Democrat.

It is not a stretch by any imagination that the above is true, so it is true that forced enrollment into a gov plan is also a trap, an entry with no escape. Hotel California.

When you are forced to 'enroll' into any kind of government program that is a decision entirely of the province of the individual, then no, you are being inducted into a concentration camp, you are being loaded into a cattle car. Your life is just another statistic.

It is a polished piece of excrement when you are forced to participate in anything.

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Oct-18-13 10:21 AM

From the9:18 post by Veratis, it seems she has hit on something. We could save millions and millions by getting rid of the House and the Senate.

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Oct-18-13 10:42 AM

Well, that fountain of miss-information named bdgi, strikes in every column. This mass fraud in the snap program is a Fox News farce. Fraud in the program is less that 4 % and that includes all fraud from vendors, store owners, and others. The actual fraud from people getting help (food) and not qualifying is less than one percent. The Republicans can spend $24 billion for nothing and then throw in another 2.6 billion for McConnell and that is OK. Yep, lets give another $40 billion in subsidies to big oil because they need it. And you complain about feeding people. The Christian thing to do, right.

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Oct-18-13 10:55 AM

Isn't it wonderful that the debt has grown that much, bdgi. Now, tell us what programs Obama has passed that created that deficit? Well, because of the obstructionist Republican party, no new spending bills have been passed in five years. Obama care is just starting, so we are still operating under the laws of the past administration. It just shows how lame bdgi is in his research. The war bills are still there, the bills for the care of returning veterans gets bigger each day, the medicare D program was a boondoggle to the pharmas and cost us 1.7 trillion the fist twelve years. Lets not forget those pesky tax gifts to the rich at a cost of 1.8 trillion plus to date. You can continue to go on and on but the expensive policies and deregulation passed by the Republicans are what we operate under now. So, like the old saying, bdgi, when you point the finger, you have three fingers pointing at you.

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Oct-18-13 11:35 AM

This country or the media must not know how to exist with war and battles. Even the budget is defined as a battle, we need new people at the helm.

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Oct-18-13 1:13 PM

A new lefty talking point...

$24 billion

From what portion of the economy? Where did it go?

You look ignorant if you can't flesh out the talking point to make sense. Just saying...

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Oct-18-13 1:19 PM

So those that have paid their own hospital bills are still free-riding, according to PJinfinity?

Only with liberalspeak in full op mode.

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Oct-18-13 1:35 PM

centerish: "Well, because of the obstructionist Republican party, no new spending bills have been passed in five years."

2-3-12 "It’s been more than 1,000 days since the Senate has passed a budget, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is unconcerned. In fact, he says he has no plans to bring a budget to the floor in 2012, either. He argues the 2012 budget is already done because last summer’s debt-ceiling deal included a few spending caps...."

Has this scenario been altered yet, centerish?

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Oct-18-13 1:37 PM

..."The Senate Budget Committee is to report a budget resolution to the full Senate by April 1. The House and Senate are to reach agreement on a concurrent budget resolution by April 15. Senate Budget Democrats haven’t submitted a budget since 2009."

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Oct-18-13 1:38 PM

"Here’s why it matters: The Appropriations Committee determines levels of discretionary spending. Approps don’t touch mandatory spending. But mandatory spending constitutes about 60 percent of all federal spending — and mandatory programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security drive our deficits and debt. Without the imposition of budget discipline, these programs grow on autopilot."

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Oct-18-13 1:38 PM

"By never submitting a budget, enacting a few discretionary spending caps as a part of the Budget Control Act (a.k.a. the debt ceiling deal) and punting to the Super Committee that also punted on entitlement reform, Democrats avoid any difficult discussion of how to ensure the solvency of our entitlement programs. With no plan of their own on the table, they’re free to shoot down anything Republicans propose."

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Oct-18-13 1:40 PM

"Republicans played their hand, and lost big, now it is the time for them to ask politely for meager things. It is time for Republicans to know their place, because we will certainly put them in their place next November."

This is bi-partisanship redux, for willgrr and all his Democrat friends, especially Sen. Harry Reid.

No wonder nothing will continue to change in DC...

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Oct-18-13 1:42 PM

Democrats in the Senate has been doing budgets on auto-pilot for over 5 years and it's STILL the Republicans' fault?

Only in Liberal Wonderland...

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Oct-18-13 4:12 PM

Seems just like the bipartisan efforts of the democrats. Upset they the republicans are copying the strategy of the democrats? ohhhhhh:-)

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Oct-18-13 4:34 PM

Obama wanted to: Shut down Gitmo Stop the Afghan war Stop the Iraq war

Who prevented him from doing so? Republicans stopped his efforts.

There was 3 trillion dollars right there. Who wants to increase military budget? Republicans. For what? USA spends more on military spending than the next 10 counties combined.

You want to save money- cut the military budget in half

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Oct-18-13 5:52 PM

Nickels and hollerin' aside, you haven't convinced me of anything other than...

leftywing's "Economics For Dummies" hasn't moved past the "Dummies" part - guess where he's ending up

Veritas has no idea that some people will write anything for the nickels it might earn them

So I should believe every book? Every TV reporter? Every editorial? Every news source?

Without checking? Don't think so.

And all I had to do was wait. Veritas revealed exactly what he is about, to a sweet tea.

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