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Should the $7.25 federal minimum wage be raised?

  1. Yes, to $9
  2. Yes, but not as high as $9
  3. No, leave it as it is
  4. Eliminate the minimum wage
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Sep-06-13 12:05 PM

Oh, right Matt. How dare I bring up factual evidence that undermines the unsubstantiated conservative claim that raising the minimum wage costs jobs and/or results in inflation. If Australia bothers you, look into every other industrialized country; they all have a higher minimum wage and standard of living than the US

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Sep-03-13 2:33 PM

Have you anything more interesting than bringing up Australia? I only ecently saw other references to that and I swear there's more than a little bit of groupthink going on with that...I'm thinking it's all coming from the same source and everyone else is just regurgitating it.

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Sep-03-13 1:52 PM

In North Dakota only 7% are being paid minimum wage (3%) and (4%) below minimum wage. The majority of these are tipped employees or those under 16. The tipped employees are payed a minimum of $4.86 per hour. The average salary for tipped employers as quoted by the bureau of labor stats is $19,230 per year

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Sep-03-13 1:37 PM

the minimum wage in Australia is $15.96/hour, their unemployment is %5.6, and the cost of a fast food meal is only about %15 more than in the US. I'd gladly pay a bit more to eat crappy fast food if the employees are getting paid a fair wage.

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Sep-03-13 7:47 AM

all raising the minimum wage does is raise the cost of living and taxes.... it's just a ploy of the government to get more taxes

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Sep-02-13 10:58 PM

No. Let the churches and charity organizations pick up the slack. We have a war to fight.

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