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Should Minot organize a neighborhood watch program like Williston has done?

  1. Yes, it's time
  2. No, not needed
  3. No, that's law enforcement's job
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Aug-22-13 9:20 AM

In our little neighborhood we have one person who breaks any law he wants and turns everyone else in for stuff they never heard of. Some people live in the gutter and instead of dragging themselves out of the gutter they pull people down into the gutter with them then you have to fight to get back out of the gutter. Case in point; not everyone is qualified to be trustworthy and without hidden agendas.

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Aug-22-13 8:54 AM

in our little country neighborhood, we look after each other and i'm sure my neighbors know lots about what is going on in my yard. I don't depend on police to stop crime - I (and pretty sure most others) am prepared to defend my place and protect theirs. and while it may be annoying to have folks craning their necks or watching with binoculars (yes you are!) I know, we do the same :) don't believe it was like that when we lived in the city...

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Aug-21-13 8:02 PM

That sounds like good ol' common horse sense to me!

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Aug-21-13 6:27 PM

neighborhood watch has been around a long time - all it takes is one small group to loosely organize around a theme to keep an eye out for out-of-place things/people in their area and call police. you can get signs posted with the logo in the 'neighborhood' to help as a deterrent, but if neighbors aren't interested in being snoopy for the safety of their group, it doesn't work. it helps prevent crime, but doesn't stop it. all it takes is one person to commit to lead it (and others to want them to)...

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Aug-21-13 9:28 AM

rickyrod, you must be one of those who falsely characterize people in order to place them in categories you're comfortable with. Yeah, one of those...

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Aug-21-13 7:48 AM

Very good FrankG!

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Aug-21-13 7:47 AM

disgusted, your just a busy body chicken hawk. You are propably one of those busy body repubics who spends whole day at the window watching your neighbors to see what they are doing.

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Aug-21-13 7:42 AM

One of the most powerful deterrents to crime is a camera, and almost everyone carries a cell phone with a camera. A picture is worth quite a few words.

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Aug-21-13 7:33 AM

disgusted, your getting close on my work. Why do you always disregard what a person is saying? you always try to make yourself sound so Great! but I bet your just a BIG bag of HOT air.

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Aug-20-13 11:08 PM

rick, you are either a policeman, a one man vigilante, or you are watching crimes being committed. Which is it? btw, alone I chased off three guys in our neighbors yard. this was about three weeks after the flood, no one else on our block and my first day alone after everyone went back to work. I have the guts. We do not need aggressive vigilantes running around.

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Aug-20-13 10:25 PM

minotioner,I agree people working have a right to get home, sorry I missed that, by the way I get off at either 5:AM, or 6:AM. I don't think anyone who is not working has any need to be out after 3AM. As I said many so called adults are also causing trouble, which I see 1st hand.

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Aug-20-13 5:41 PM

disgusted, this time you have no idea who or what your saying or asking. Because if a Citizen does things smartly and correctly can stop almost all crimes. But it may take some guts to get involved and that is were you may have a problem.

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Aug-20-13 4:39 PM

rickrod, what crimes would you as an ordinary citizen be able to stop? I am vigilant in my area. Are you? But, I leave the crime stopping to the police.

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Aug-20-13 3:56 PM

Just a few weeks and the Police solve the vandolism at Ramsted, but 2 months after a headon colision north of town and no arrest, lady on wrong side of highway. What Gives? mishap 23 June

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Aug-20-13 3:44 PM

disgusted, what crimes don't you want stopped?

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Aug-20-13 3:14 PM

What specific crimes would be stopped? We certainly do not need a gestapo mentality. How would Ramstad vandalism been stopped? Are you going to ticket every one who runs a red light? What crimes are you wanting to stop? Crime is not on every corner.

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Aug-20-13 1:58 PM

Sorry I had meant that for another subject.

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Aug-20-13 1:45 PM

minotioner. were does animal mention a gun

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Aug-20-13 12:46 PM

Kerry clears State officials faulted in Benghazi report, allows them back on job.

WASHINGTON – The four State Department officials put on administrative leave following the Sept. 11 terrorist attack in Benghazi have been allowed back on the job after being cleared by Secretary of State John Kerry to return, in a move one lawmaker decried as a "game of musical chairs."

Last December, the officials were removed from their posts after an independent panel criticized the security and “lack of proactive leadership” at the U.S. diplomatic compound. The stinging State report also called out officials in the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs and said they “showed a lack of ownership of Benghazi’s security issues."

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Aug-20-13 12:17 PM

Minot PD couldn't catch a cold!

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Aug-20-13 11:53 AM

Great Idea! Must have Rules Police Training 1. No Guns 2.Stun Gun and Mace supplied by City 3. Radio Communications supplied by City, Cell phone can take too long. 4. Stay in there own neighbor hood. 5. List of neighbors, so they can make schedule. 6. City have a 12:00 curfew, and enforced. People under 18 and work must be on work scedule and can be verified at work. 7. Curfew will also be for ALL agees after 3:00 AM, no reason for people to be out after 3:00 AM, juvenials are not the only age group committing crimes.

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Aug-20-13 11:16 AM

If those people in the neighborhoods are not all ready watching out for each other nothing will help. The country is becoming more and more antisocial everyday, divide and conquer.

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Aug-20-13 10:03 AM

Yes it is time! this will be the only wat to stop the crime in this town

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Aug-20-13 9:22 AM

Why? so when something happens the cops can come 1 hour after the fact?

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Aug-20-13 8:46 AM

My vote:

"You mean they haven't done this yet?"

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