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Should Ward County Jail prisoners be used as laborers around town, picking up garbage, etc.?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Volunteers only
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Jun-03-13 12:33 PM

Well, orange is not a good color for most...but out in public...its fine for far as picking up trash...go for it...then later when they get back into their cells...they will have something to do....PICKING ticks off each other!!!

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May-29-13 4:14 AM

When we are in Az for the winter, we see what everyone calls "the orange boys" out cleaning debris and chopping vegetation that needs cutting. It is a good idea. They bring them in vans, there are armed guards and a trailer with tools and a porta potty. There is a water cooler on the trailer too. From what I understand, the prisinors volunteer and can go if they are on good behavior. It is better then the monotony of a cell. It is not for violent criminals, only non violent in dividuals. Sounds good to me.

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May-21-13 12:24 PM

Somehow the picture of John F. Corzine of MF Global, Angelo Mozilo, bankster nonpareil, and Richard Fuld of Fannie Mae picking up trash is about the best idea one can have for those three scoundrels, the way they trashed the markets and left taxpayers holding the bag, picking up trash is a good job for them.

Bernie Madoff can be the supervisor and make them work night and day until they collapse from exhaustion.

The petty thieves at the jail can be released to make room for the real criminals, the maggots on Wall Street.

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May-21-13 9:16 AM

leftwing, now THAT I would go see and hear! We could charge on-lookers a fee to cover the cost of the officers, transport, equipment, meals, port-a-potties, chains, the extra laundry, sun-glasses, sun-screen, gloves, etc. Great idea!

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May-21-13 9:04 AM

Jail should be punishment, but with TV's, libraries, rec centers, three squares/day, it is truly the life of Riley. If you want them on the streets; then they should be in bright orange, shackled together with heavy chains, having no knowledge of who is going out or where they are going-- men and women alike. Any passerbys who attempt to make contact should be arrested. I would suspect that it would double the man power needed to cover both the jail and the garbage pickers.

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May-21-13 8:30 AM

Yes, yes and yes! AND the physically harder it is, the better. That might actually discourage repeat offenders.

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May-21-13 8:26 AM

Subman, that is a great idea. Welfare recipients can earn their money, contribute to society and we get more help cleaning up the debris.

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May-21-13 8:22 AM

It is so telling that all who have responded affirmatively to the question are democrats.

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May-21-13 8:21 AM

all physically able welfare recipients should be included also..

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May-21-13 8:14 AM

heck YES, it is done in other states. They are not customers, they are in jail as prisoners. And we already have guards watching them.

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May-21-13 12:48 AM

do we want prisoners to be on their own around the community? Do we want officers performing their official duties or babysitting? Can we not clean up our own trash along with the debris around the city?

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