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Would Jeb Bush make a good president?

  1. Most certainly
  2. Yes
  3. Maybe
  4. Doubtful
  5. No
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Apr-28-13 7:53 AM

They bailed out their own retirement funds is all, and the Social Security retirement funds too I imagine. It was comical to me to hear people say they lost money, they did not they lost hope to make money for awhile. I don't think it's money until it's in the bank and you paid taxes on it.

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Apr-26-13 7:58 PM

Markhighwater would you or garff care to tell us how Obama has revived the economy?

After 5 years you would think the baby boy could have done something besides throw money at it.

Obama is going to make history for the guy who could not lower the unemployment in the country. He has been one or two points above what it was when Bush left for his whole time in office.

If you can't make any head way he should quit and give someone with a brain the opportunity..

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Apr-26-13 7:35 AM

Addiction is a medical issue not a criminal issue. Mild drugs like aspirin and pot are somewhat addictive if they help the person using them, I don't think they get addicted to the drug but instead get addicted to feeling better. Personally I have tried both and both do reduce the medical issues I have suffered in the past. The trade off for aspirin was it made my stomach sore and added another medical issue where the trade off for pot was it reduced my pains but made my brain seem a little slower. I choose to live with a clear head and more pain so far, although pain will cloud my thinking way more than any pot I tried back then. Medicine should be left up to the Dr's to decide what is best or works best for us is what I have learned about it.

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Apr-26-13 7:11 AM

muleskinner Obama used and sold drugs..that was never a problem.. and Jebs daughter is not the one who would be running..

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Apr-26-13 7:10 AM

Blanket racist? There is Billgarr again dragging race into the blogs.

Chicago Burglary rate 9.77 per thousand people 26,436 total..Theft 26.96 per thousand people 72,990 and the list goes on. The stats don't include by sex, race, or age.

We often refer to the Government as big brother..I suppose willgarr finds that racist now too being as Obama is the Prez.

Never let a word go to waste billgarr..get down and root with the pigs and see what you can find amongst the slime and the muck.

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Apr-26-13 6:54 AM

His daughter Noelle has been arrested for forging a doctor's name on a prescription to obtain Xanax.

She has had problems with prescription medicines and abuse of them.

Too many problems associated with the Bush's at this point in time and another Bush in the White House will be more like Ground Hog Day than Ground Hog Day.

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Apr-25-13 10:12 PM

Ovomit looked like a lil boy up there with Bush today.. What a sad sack..

How many visitors will Obama get to his library in Chicago? It will have to have 7 layers of armed guards just to keep the Chicago brothers he hangs out with out from emptying it out on day one.. ..

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Apr-25-13 9:10 AM

As a casual observer of this thread.Dustoff3 you spend way too much time on here. Its suppose to be nice out today .Go outside get some fresh air clear your head.

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Apr-25-13 9:00 AM

Ignorance is bliss i guess in this case it just ignorance Minnewaukin..Leeds

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Apr-25-13 1:25 AM

"Advertisement of ignorance" for a thousand, Alex.

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Apr-24-13 9:03 PM

We can only hope Dustoff3!!! And Mickey Mouse Club is what we have in the White House now.

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Apr-24-13 3:49 PM

It's nice we have people...

(I voted "maybe" Jeb Bush would make a good president)

...helping us stay on topic.

No apology necessary, EB. I can handle diversions.

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Apr-24-13 1:04 PM

minotloner.. sorry, yeah my fault I made the mistake of considering what mule wrote. I will refrain from reacting to such things from now on.

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Apr-24-13 12:18 PM

Tax relief??? I just got my notice of my land value increases and their assessed values. Apparently they don't have enough reserves yet.

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Apr-24-13 12:13 PM

I can understand the state having some reserves.

The legislature is almost done and I have no idea what they've passed, other than anti-abortion bills. Where is the reporting?

I have a feeling the taxpayers are going to get shafted.

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Apr-24-13 11:40 AM

Our State has huge reserves and no one is complaining loud enough to suit me. I wonder what happened to property tax relief?

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Apr-24-13 11:30 AM

Could you imagine the over taxation uproar if the US had a 2 trillion dollar reserve? So, it will never happen.

Actually, there is no reason for the Fed. government to have said reserves.

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Apr-24-13 11:17 AM

Zrider.. Thanks, I stand corrected. I forgot how exponents work in scientific notation. Wow and to think I was a Math Tutor in college and my students all passed with flying colors. Thanks again for the refresher. 100 is 10exp2 1000 is 10exp3.

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Apr-24-13 10:45 AM

EarlyBird that is trillions not quadrillions.

The first group of numbers is hundreds, not thousands.

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Apr-24-13 10:44 AM

This is the link to where the info came from, I have no idea if it is reliable;


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Apr-24-13 10:37 AM

Zrider you made me look.. thousand, million, billion, trillion, quadrillion. There are five groups of numbers and that is a quadrillion.. unbelievable isn;t it.

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Apr-24-13 10:19 AM

China would have over 2 trillion, not quadrillion.

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Apr-24-13 10:15 AM

Holy smokes! China has over two quadrillion dollars and Japan has over one quadrillion dollars in reserve.

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Apr-24-13 10:13 AM

Top ten richest governments in the world; (not countries or people)

1. Peoples Republic of China: National reserves: $2,454,300,000,000

2. Japan: National reserves: $1,019,000,000,000

3. Russia: National reserves: $458,020,000,000

4. Saudia Arabia: National reserves: $395,467,000,000

5. Taiwan: National reserves: $362,380,000,000

6. India: National reserves: $279,422,000,000

7. South Korea: National reserves: $274,220,000,000

8. Switzerland: National reserves: $262,000,000,000

9. Hong Kong: National reserves: $256,000,000,000

10. Brazil: National reserves: $255,000,000,000

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Apr-24-13 9:50 AM

I never thought I'd miss a president like Bush, but Obowelmovement did the job of forcing me to yearn for the good old days of George Bush. Whoddathunkit?

There isn't going to be a good president until the financial house of the US gov is in order. When diplomacy doesn't mean guns anymore, but investment in foreign nations political and financial well-being is emphasized the goal and armed conflict is avoided.

China doesn't send in armaments when the have foreign policy issues, they bring money, something they've got, and, unfortunately, the US doesn't have any.

Once the US gov has trillions in the bank to invest in good will towards others and not trillions in debt, there will be a good president and not until then.

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