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Should N.D. require drug tests for certain recipients of public assistance?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Feb-05-13 12:19 AM

God this should fly right thru to the governors desk to sign........

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Feb-05-13 1:42 AM

Sure, if a.) tests are given in a regularly scheduled, impartially administered fashion, and b.) failure of said test does not rule out aid (depending on the program), but is followed-up with rehabilitative assistance.

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Feb-05-13 3:48 AM

In theory, yes. Drug tests are administered to the working class, why not those on welfare. But, it is not that simple. The bill reads that they would have to be clean before getting money unless kids are involved. If that is the case, then a family member, friend or neighbor would get money. We know how that would turn out. Someone said testing was prohibited of government employees except for military and heavy equipmnet operators. I haven't checked the full accurracy of that, but, I would certainly not be opposed to testing our legislators on a regular basis ;-)

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Feb-05-13 7:12 AM

Statiscally not a wise choice. The expense of the testing outweighs any benefit. At least when Florida started it a few years ago a very small percentage of welfare recipients were positive. Just another way to demean the poor.

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Feb-05-13 8:08 AM

Many, many companies in our region require drug testing, not only to do the job, but to earn the money. It's simple. Everyone should be responsible. No such thing as a free lunch. What has anyone to be afraid of?

So employers get to drug test. In essence, the gov't is providing money--the "employer" if you will. It seems logical. Now if you're going to be all emotional about it, that's another matter.

Our family had assistance when we were first starting out. Drug testing to get assistance, at a time when we needed it? OK. Would have passed with flying colors. What are people afraid of?

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Feb-05-13 8:15 AM

How come the Rolling Stones, known drug users for all of their adult lives, are allowed to do concerts in the US and record albums for sale and profit and are never rehabilitated?

Answer: Money. They make millions of dollars. That means they pay taxes.

The taxes they pay allow for certain indulgences to be ignored by the powers that be. All because they have money and pay taxes.

More stupid hypocrites out there than drug users.

Is there a test for hypocrisy?

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Feb-05-13 9:24 AM

The memory hole is in live mode and functioning.

A stroll down memory lane:

The Aurora, Colorado theater shooter was being treated by a University of Colorado psychotherapist and was prescribed psychotropic medications.

Drugs can do strange things to a mind.

Trusting the FDA and psychotherapists have tragic results.

Maybe better to begin there. Stop legal psychotropic drugs now. They're the most dangerous drugs out there.

The entire country is out of its mind.

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Feb-05-13 10:32 AM

Mandatory drug tests should be performed on Congress!

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Feb-05-13 11:14 AM

If people are involved with meath (correct spelling, rhymes with death), it needs to be discovered. It is one problem substance. Regardless if they are on welfare or not.

People who are being prescribed prozac should be no longer given the medication, be given a good diet, and remain hospitalized during withdrawal of the substance. A natural return to health, both mentally and physically, is better.

Psychotropic drugs have become a major problem, legal dispensing is nothing other than drug dealing.

Total reform is mandatory, from the FDA to legislation, it all demands some other action other than what is being done.

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Feb-05-13 11:15 AM

If I have to be drug tested to earn the money that pays for their welfare, it's only fair they should have to take a drug test to receive it.

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Feb-05-13 11:20 AM

And another question:

Why isn't any attention brought to the forefront about the dangers of these legal psychotropic drugs? Why hasn't that become an issue, rather than guns or mental health of some nuts?

Shouldn't that raise a red flag and maybe question what is really going on?

We all know Charlie Manson won't be registering a gun, if he ever gets a hold of one he'll use it before he registers the thing, that's for sure.

Time to focus on the abuse of the legal psychotropic drugs too.

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Feb-05-13 11:41 AM

quit worrying about your neighbor and start yelling about foriegn aid. really people if you know sombody on drugs turn them in. so go cast the first stone.

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Feb-05-13 12:08 PM


" . . . involved with meath (correct spelling, rhymes with death) . . .


"Meth" is short for "Methamphetamine."


Just because words SOUND alike does not mean they are SPELLED alike.

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Feb-05-13 1:00 PM

I find it ironic that the ones who are always complaining about big government are all for this expansion of government and it's powers.

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Feb-05-13 1:51 PM

Maybe in cases where there is suspected child abuse or neglect--not sure it should be a condition of eligibility. So is the test for booze and smoking?? What percentage do you think are fraudulently getting benefits-all addictions are bad enough but going hungry because your poor shouldn't be cause to have mandatory drug testing costs to prove your not doing drugs. Just adds more administrative costs-I don't agree with it--

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Feb-05-13 2:42 PM

Old Cat, remember back in the 70's when there was all the uproar over women from domestic violent situations SMOKING?

namexxx 2nd post and already back to name calling--that didn't take long. Meath=death even when spelled meth

Muleskinner-TEST FOR HYPOCRISY? If only. you mention prozac and other legal drugs. Our legal drug in this society are driven by the pharmacies, not the docs. It is BIG money.

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Feb-05-13 2:46 PM

Should N.D. harass, humiliate and hate on poor families and hungry children -- while giving tax breaks to millionaires and corporations?

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Feb-05-13 3:30 PM

YES!!! However, after reading and hearing about how it wasn't cost effective to do so in some states. I do not believe initially everyone should have to take drug tests. I do not believe everyone on assistance is a drug user. However, you have to be ignorant to think some people on assistance do not waste the money they have on drugs. I think if someone is suspected of something it should be just like being on probation. Random drug tests if case workers think it is necessary. Lets face it, the police department have eyes on people, and all of these departments talk to eachother. They have Suspicions of who is doing what.

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Feb-05-13 3:33 PM

OLD CAT, booze and cigarettes are LEGAL. Illegal drugs are not the same comparison. One you are breaking the law, some drugs carry felony charges just possessing them. And with all due respect, it you have a felony you CANNOT be on assistance. So why should someone on assisstance be allowed to commit felonies??????????

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Feb-05-13 3:40 PM

Let's drug test every officer, business executive and board member -- of every corporation that receives federal tax dollars by taking advantage of business "incentives," tax breaks, bail-outs and corporate loop-holes.

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Feb-05-13 3:44 PM

Is that what you think, Jack? How interesting! Please post some more of your multiple thoughts.

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Feb-05-13 4:36 PM

There are some on here making this an emotional issue rather than a logical one. Mistake.

BellaT's got it: "If I have to be drug tested to earn the money that pays for their welfare, it's only fair they should have to take a drug test to receive it."

And we're talking ILLEGAL drugs, not booze or tobacco, both legal substances.

It's not "hate" to require a certain degree of responsibility when people need assistance. Then everyone is on the same page, with no one opting out on accountability.

Yes, I've been there. Forms had to be filled out every month, with tons of personal info. If I was going to receive the help, I had to do the forms. This would be one more hoop to jump through.

Best idea award goes to JKniffin, who mentioned random testing, with cooperation between law enforcement and Social Services.

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Feb-05-13 5:11 PM

Yes they should be. They should be accountable for the tax monies they receive.

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Feb-05-13 5:21 PM

A family in Williston lost their 2 year old son, who got out of the house and was found in a snowbank. Mother did not know how long he was outside. (Now I am NOT saying this was their fault and it's heartbreaking). But, their are alot of people on assistance that are drugged up one way or another, and don't have a clue about who is taking care of their children or what their children are doing at all times.

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Feb-05-13 5:24 PM

I was drug tested for my job, of which my taxes are taken out of. Anyone receiving assistance paid with tax dollars should also be required to be drug tested. Yes, it will cost money to test, but what will it save if those who are on drugs don't get assistance. Months of payments vs. 1 drug test. I vote for drug tests.

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