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Should Republicans agree to President Obama's demands and raise the debt ceiling without tying it to spending cuts?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Jan-15-13 8:27 AM

Republicans cannot be that stupid! They are going to stop gov't from paying its financial obligations and risk another downgrade and another financial disaster for what! the elder will not receive their SS checks, the military & their families won't receive their checks! Doesn't the republican party get it!

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Jan-15-13 9:01 AM

Republicans Need To Get Real Spending Cuts Need To Be Done Later

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Jan-15-13 9:32 AM

minreader yes,however this money we have already spent and we must pay it back now! It has nothing to do with future spending it has everything to do with people's everyday lives that depend on their federal gov't checks that are owed to them! SS and the Military!!! Are you going to deny them what is theirs???

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Jan-15-13 9:36 AM

I'm getting really sick of this Presidents threats and badgering on every issue. No one elected him to run this Government totally by himself.

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Jan-15-13 10:18 AM

What is the President suppose to do? The Congress hasn't done anything but kick this can down the road again and again and avoid this issue over and over again! They have played politics with the American people's lives! Put everyone's future in jeopardy and somehow the President is suppose to have faith that the Congress is going to act and do the RIGHT thing! Really? Have you saw any positive action from Congress in the past 4 years???

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Jan-15-13 12:31 PM

The party of NO sat on their a** for the first four years of his term, trying to make it his only term, but we know how that worked out. Now the party of NO could care less about the country, but only want to make sure that nothing that the President wants is ever passed. I am just sick and tired of all this political bickering, and Mitch McConnel needs to go retire and go back home with the"good old boys" and rethink his position in life.

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Jan-15-13 1:49 PM

Before the debt ceiling can be addressed a budget should be put in place. havent had one of those in how many years. Maybe if we had a budget we could see how much is going to be spent compared to how much is being brought in. No vote on raising debt ceiling until a valid budget is in place.

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Jan-15-13 2:30 PM

Maybe you wingers should be telling your house members to stop spending first. They went to dinner and are trying to skip out on the bill. The republican way.... They have threatened their way for four years, do we expect any less from the obstructionist party... They put the party first and the country last... Republican right wingers.

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Jan-15-13 3:38 PM

centerfield apparently all of this debt occured when the democratic party controled everything in the first two years of Obama's first term! No spending happened before or after that time period according to the Fright Wingers Talking Heads!

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Jan-15-13 3:43 PM

trueamerican we haven't had a balanced budget since the Clinton administration!

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Jan-15-13 4:58 PM

WA, trueamerican said "budget" not "balanced budget." You can't balance what you don't have.

animal said, "We cannot continue to spend and borrow more than we possibly can repay." Well, not in present-day DC. It seems that it's all academic for the squeakiest wheel (the one demanding the most) to get the grease. Incredible!

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Jan-15-13 5:04 PM

Even with Dems controlling both houses, they could not pass a budget. The party screwing everyone is the Dem party. Blame the Republicans all you want but it is Harry Reid who has not and will not put a budget to vote. A balanced budget would be great but even Clinton did not balance the budget. It was like everything else, it was projected to be balanced. I could use fuzzy math and balance it too, but that does not make it so.

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Jan-15-13 5:15 PM

Just FYI, mindreader, the payroll tax was 6.2% until Obama lowered it temporarily to 4.2% as part of the stimulus. The reason it went back up to 6.2% is because Republicans, during the recent tax-cliff negotiations, would not allow it to remain at 4.2% (it goes against their 'trickle down' ideology). Thus, when you have less money in your pay check you should know where to accurately cast your blame.

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Jan-15-13 7:57 PM

Yes, it was cutting edge to reduce payroll tax which funds SS when unemployment was so high. It was also cutting edge removing SS from the 'box'. And to take it a step further, it was cutting edge to take money from payroll checks and send it to the government for each one's retirement, etc. What I really think is cutting edge is giving kids SS from dead beat dads who have never worked, have never supported their kids, and now are 30 y/o disabled drug abusers. I guess we do agree that no money should be taken from our checks and we should each be responsible for our own retirement.

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Jan-15-13 10:27 PM

Cutting edge? I'd say it was a stroke of genius, and polidork for one has fallen for it.

So only the Republicans are to blame for payroll taxes going back up to 6.2%? Yeah, right.

Brooklyn Bridge for sale, folks...

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Jan-16-13 3:07 PM

The SS pot had been raided by both parties to finance what was considered to be programs to meet national social needs--I don't really disagree with you disgusted but where would or should the money come from to pay those "needed services"--I'm not a follower of Herbert Spencer. Some people in this country do need support just as much as we have supported 3rd world countries.

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