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98 days ago.
by JackAaah

The Drones

We are entering a whole new era of issues to deal with. Will we abuse the Drones? Gonna guess yes, but then we will justify it with articulate bs


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sgirl: There r rules of engagement (in war) and rules 4 treatment of prisoners of war. The 2 are near opposite. If someone t hreatened u and then cowered and backed away--would u feel right to beat them to death anyway? Drones r used on active war targets not on those who surrender or are held as a pow.

Posted 841 days ago.

I am all 4 the drones. It is a good way to get the bad guys who hide in plain sight. Yes some innocent are killed as those r in all wars. How many lives r saved by the effective use of the drones--probably thousands or tens of thousands.

Posted 841 days ago.


I just love how bush lied to us about WMD'S.Look how many lives it has cost us.Goinpeace

Posted 877 days ago.


MinotDaily... It would be great to be able to reply to other comments. A true talk forum. Vivian

Posted 1199 days ago.


Don't you just love how Barack Obama says that waterboarding is torture, but dropping a bomb on someones head is not.. LOL... If only we had put BHO out of office when we had the chance. Our economy in NC would be booming, just like ND economy.......................shoppegirl

Posted 1199 days ago.


There is not a human on this planet that does not come from ancestors that managed to survive every war, plague and all natural disasters that ever happened. Everybody is from a long line of thrifty wise people. Everybody deserves to be looked at as equals no matter how appalling their living conditions are for they too are the descendants of the very wise and thrifty type that manages to survive the eons of time.

Posted 1229 days ago.


Sounds like Obama himself had questions about a year ago on the use of Drones in certain situations. Drones being used in multiple countries is something to reconsider....war on terror or war on all Middle East countries??

Posted 1238 days ago.

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