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Supporting school bond issue

March 27, 2014

In less than two weeks, Minot voters will again have the opportunity to be part of an important decision in the education of Minot’s youth....

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Apr-04-14 3:05 PM

Message from the Principal:

As you know, the MPS District is holding a bond election on April 8, 2014. The MPS Board is proposing a new elementary school on land already owned by the district in southeast Minot, additional classrooms to Edison and Perkett elementary schools, and safety enhancements to all district buildings. The total cost for the bond election is 39.5 million dollars.

Currently, we have 475 students housed in makeshift temporary classrooms. In addition, all but two of the district’s elementary schools are over crowded.

For more information you can access the MPS website at **** If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact my office. Please mark your calendars and be sure to vote on April 8, 2014, at the Minot Municipal Auditorium from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


Keith Altendorf Principal Minot High School – Central Campus 701-857-4660

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Mar-31-14 6:43 PM

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Mar-29-14 11:33 AM

It's time to get back to the basics and redo the city including funds for education and economic development. Then we can ask for money because money will be backed up so we don't have to ask for so much. Heck other communities have a fund set up so they can send all their kids with a certain grade point average for almost free to a community college. But that's right we don't have one around here. Now that's something to brag about, not this MAGIC Dump. And once again John MacMartin was once asked during the crisis in the smaller communities growing if Minot would experience this growth and he said no. Now he says it;s fun. No it was the same people who didn't want this crap and now it's a reality. So Pony up boys and girls and you pay for it!

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Mar-28-14 3:06 PM

i doent think taxpayers have a problem paying for schools but they do have a problem paying for the fluff and the show

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Mar-28-14 3:06 PM

i doent think taxpayers have a problem paying for schools but they do have a problem paying for the fluff and the show

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Mar-27-14 8:40 PM

40 years of excuses! Your "new" excuses serve only as a smokescreen for what the real issue which is "what's in it for me?" And if it doesn't directly benefit you, then a no vote is cast. Kind of sad when you stop to think about it.

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Mar-27-14 7:37 PM

Don't let them get their foot in the door and pay for this oil impact. This but one of many oil impacts we will be expected 2 pay 4. Time 2 stop the corporate welfare. Most minot voters do not make oil wages and did not cause this oil impact. We did pay 4 schools in the past and rightly so because we and our children caused the need 4 more schools and the state was not long on money. Vote No and when elections roll around, vote our corporate welfare queens out.

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Mar-27-14 6:48 PM

change management and fix the real problem

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Mar-27-14 5:31 PM

It is comical how people who had taxpayers pay for their education and their schools do not want to pony up and support this generation. It is amazing and refreshing to see how progressive taxpayers are that live in other major cities in North Dakota. We could learn a lot from them. MDN got it right: the big complaints were that it was too much money the last time and voters wanted a scaled down version. Be careful what you ask for because you got it!

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Mar-27-14 1:08 PM

Vote NO keep taxes LOW

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Mar-27-14 11:35 AM

Freedom...I'll grant you that...I too feel wronged when MDN does not sign their editorials. But just between you and me, I does make a tingle run down my leg when my big city paper editorials are not signed...

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Mar-27-14 11:13 AM

To ask any western ND city to pay 4 anything resulting from oil impact; when the state has more money than they know what to do with, is the epitomy of "tax and spend". Stop it now! Vote No.

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Mar-27-14 11:06 AM

Mule: We can vote in some democrats and turn this state around to honor the dreams of true statesmen like Art Link, Brynhild Haugland and Teddy Roosevelt. We hold the ultimate power in the vote--Vote No.

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Mar-27-14 10:57 AM

FDR: tax and spend republicans we have. Always been that way in minot. The first big righty lie was the "term tax and spend liberal". Minot and ND repub. politics r a perfect example. If not 4 schools--what dreams do they have for all the oil tax, sales tax, income tax and property tax? Vote No.

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Mar-27-14 10:51 AM

Vote No. State law does not allow spending tax money to support business--but they do. They can pass a rigid abortion law against the U.S. Supreme Court--at a potential cost of $1 million. They can pay to clean up behind dirty oil. They did pay 4 the granstand and can pay for the "Event Center". They can change any perceived or real legal problem with funding schools and quickly. 20% higher cost of living from oil. We r paying enough already--Vote No!

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Mar-27-14 9:14 AM

Yes Comrade JackAaah, it's for the children was the Democrat mantra years ago and we must somehow take care of them from cradle to grave if need be.

I'm glad that the far right wing Minot Daily is becoming more progressive in their views. They still didn't sign the editorial though. Take the credit when you can.

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Mar-27-14 8:13 AM

let's ALL move forword and be 'willing to pay more'....especially my Democrat Party persons out there...

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Mar-27-14 6:29 AM

It must be the school board thinks there is only one way to finance a new elementary public school.

You can't really ask the people of Fargo to build a new school for Minot, they will not support financing a school with Fargo's tax base.

Bismarck won't help pay for a Minot elementary school. I doubt if Williston will provide any funds.

The only people who really need to support the property tax increase to build a new elementary school are in Minot.

If you want to vote in favor of a new elementary school, you can do just that on April 8, 2014.

You can vote no and force the school board to return to the drawing board and begin the process all over again.

If the 'no' vote prevails, Minot's voters will be given another chance to vote for the school bond issue.

Seems crazy to have a vote until the bond issue passes.

The school board does the same thing over and over until the desired result is achieved.

A 'no' vote doesn't count. That's insane.

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