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Health care law changes

March 23, 2014

Wes Eisenmann, Mandan I recently contacted Sen. John Hoeven and Congressman Kevin Cramer regarding the Affordable Care Act....

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Mar-23-14 12:54 PM

Good luck to you and your wife Mr. Eisenmann. I am receiving similar saving with the ACA, sans the health issues. People in our age bracket - 60+ - who are doing the responsible and necessary thing by purchasing health insurance have paid a hefty charge. Now with the ACA we seniors with moderate incomes can put more away into our retirement plans making for a more stable retirement.

The politics of the opposition to the ACA disgust me. Any of the Republican alternative plans are essentially the same but less effective; insuring fewer and costing individuals more. We can look forward to the Republicans demagoguing this issue to the max. More stories like yours, Mr Eisenmann, need to be heard.

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Mar-23-14 5:54 PM

Most every bengazi news bash of the ACA has been misleading or false. What does it say about the ACA if they have 2 lie to bash it? $700K was not taken from Medicare and 2 million plus jobs will not b lost from the ACA. The ACA is an attempt to bring medical costs in line and big money falls hard--but it is falling. The red party represents big money and that is there only reason to fight and lie about the ACA. They r paid to bash the ACA from folks like the koch's and roger ailes. The ACA is not perfect but it is better than the death roll our medical system had us in.

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Mar-23-14 6:39 PM

And then their mouth piece, drudge, lies outright, but the know nothing wingers still support him. Hatred and lies have no boundaries when it comes to the far right.

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Mar-23-14 6:48 PM

Polls show the American people still don't like Obamacare....but those people don't have a clue what's best for them.....they just don't have a clue of how to move forword....

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Mar-23-14 7:12 PM

Oh whatever I am paying more for my insurance because we have higher deductibles because of the how fair is this when I work?

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Mar-24-14 9:29 AM

This letter appears in the Dickinson newspaper. It can be read in its entirety there. In fact, it is in a lot of newspapers throughout the state.

The letter is propaganda.

It is a nice propaganda piece for ACA. And then followed by a comment from an ACA propagandist.

However, it is not the general sentiment from the population as a whole, therefore, it is pure unadulterated horse feathers.

Whether it is intentional or unintentional, it is still propaganda.

Don't believe a single word of it, it is not the truth about ACA.

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Mar-24-14 10:33 AM

Wes Eisenmann, Mandan N Dakota wrote and signed this letter. Wes Eisenmann is a real person. muleskinner just doesn't like the content of the letter. Did muleskinner cast doubt and innuendo on the mighty Ron Carlson or Hal Neffs who had letters published across the state?...Oh heck no!

When it's all said and done, old mulely is just a partisan hack no better than the rest of us.

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Mar-24-14 11:12 AM

Here is the letter......"I recently contacted Sen. John Hoeven and Rep. Kevin Cramer regarding the Affordable Care Act.

I explained to them that my wife is a juvenile diabetic and could not obtain health insurance, other than with CHAND, the Comprehensive Health Association of North Dakota – a high-risk insurance.

Her monthly premium was $1,040 a month with $3,000 out-of-pocket expense. She is now insured with Obamacare, which Republicans call it. Her premium is now $465 a month with $1,900 out of pocket. A savings of $8,000 a year. I asked them what’s wrong with this.

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Mar-24-14 11:12 AM

I received an answer from Congressman Cramer. It was the same old song and dance with smoke and mirrors that I expected. Without mentioning the $8,000 a year in savings, his solution is to make it possible to purchase insurance across state lines to create more competition, and to give a tax credit to start a health savings account. (Yeah, right.) Same old Republican rhetoric.

Wake up, non-believes. The Affordable Care Act is just about as good as Medicare. And we seniors love Medicare.

Wes Eisemann,


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Mar-24-14 11:18 AM

With Obamacare, we join the community of efficient, high quality, health care.

We should not be surprised that the folks who profited from the old system have been working feverishly to sabotage the reform. The pharmaceutical and health insurance lobbies have been spending more than a hundred million dollars per year in misinformation.

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Mar-24-14 12:07 PM

In the words of Upton Sinclair:

It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.

In other words: You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

It is not health care. How can it possibly be health care, the gov is running the show.

It is not health care and it is difficult to understand when your not understanding it benefits you.

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Mar-24-14 12:13 PM

Muleskinner when a man writes a letter to a newspaper with facts concerning his health insurance situation it can in NO WAY be called propaganda. Your comment, on the other hand, can. Your side has had it way for four years, piling lie upon lie, so much so that we see stories like the on on A-8 "Many on sidelines for health care push". Half of the people are so ill-informed that they will not even investigate the law or prefer to go uncovered. It is darn foolishness.

Why don't you advise seniors to pass on Medicare Museskinner, that sounds like a fine idea to me.

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Mar-24-14 12:30 PM

How many millions insured who were paying health insurance had their policies cancelled? 6 million? More?

Not happy campers, if the reality surfaces and the cold hard facts are right there in front of everybody, you have to accept the reality, not the fantasy of gov health insurance.

It is not insurance of any kind at all.

However, a single letter to the editor gives ACA high marks and it is presented as a success and everyone should fall in line because of one satisfied customer while millions are left hung out to dry with their policies.

I'll believe the ACA is doing more harm than good and is in full violation of the Hippocratic Oath.

It will be a failure and is now.

Millions who once had health care insurance who were dropped know better.

It's propaganda through and through.

One satisfied health insured policy holder is an ecstatic success, millions of dissatisfied health insured totally ignored.

It's propaganda.

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Mar-24-14 1:48 PM

BillGarr2016 Mar-24-14 11:12 AM

Thank you for the re-print BillGarr!

Responses like those of Representative Cramer are uniformly crafted by what you would call a group and by no means reflect the individuals actual stance on the issue.

Had he written a personal response it would have more than likely went like this; I wouldn't dream of supporting anything that black#@%$ does or needs as long as the #@$%$# in our White House.

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Mar-24-14 1:57 PM

but...but... muleskinner said: "The letter is propaganda."

Who should I believe?....the actual man who wrote the letter or some hater who hides behind a fake name on the Minot Daily News and who clearly has an ax to grind.

I think I'll stick with Wes Eisemann.

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Mar-24-14 2:57 PM

SCIENCELIAR is still doing background checks.

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Mar-24-14 3:48 PM

Best definition of ObamaCare

Nancy Pelosi said: “We have to pass it, to find out what’s in it.”

A Doctor friend of mine said: "that's the definition of a stool sample".

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Mar-24-14 6:28 PM

FreedomRings Mar-24-14 3:48 PM

Another Mattel "See & Say" response.....Can't wait for the pull my finger one's Boehner uses daily!

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Mar-24-14 10:39 PM

I only have one finger for you and you know which one.

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Mar-24-14 11:41 PM

Thanks Landslime, I'm picking your pocket personally. Thanks so much. I couldn't make it without you, you're a sweetie.

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Mar-25-14 7:43 AM

Wes will be happy when phase two of Obamacare kicks in....


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Mar-25-14 9:43 AM

Hal Neff really thinks he's struck comedy gold with his Putincare shtick. He's put it on every subject.

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Mar-25-14 2:56 PM

Is Wes Is a Man related to garr or his roommate JustaMann? Age and address fits their scheme of things.

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Mar-25-14 6:30 PM

I agree with muleskinner's assessment.

a few personal anecdotes saying Obamacare is a good deal = gospel truth, not to be disputed with in any fashion

several thousands, if not a few millions, who lost insurance plans they had been happy with = Sen. Harry Reid calling them "liars" plus libs thrilled w/Obamacare trashing the possibility of alternatives to "The Law"

Justaman, you win the who-can-deal-the-race-card-first sweepstakes. The prize? Hollow huzzahs.

By the way, what is the current version of the ACA? Anything like what was originally passed by Congress in 2010? Short answer is no. Maybe the libs can enlighten us with a long answer or two.

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Mar-25-14 7:35 PM

What is said about the ACA if nearly all of the chants and ads from the right r lies about it? Obama did not cancel any plans--ins. companies did and they waited until the ACA kicked in to do so. They did not have to cancel the junk plans. They could have improved the plans to ACA standards. The right did not warn about cancelled plans until the plans were cancelled. Tells me they did not know either. Obama only lied because ins. companies made it a lie. The right has lied continually about the ACA since before congress approved it. If u r disgusted by liars, i.d. the voluminous ones.

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