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Liberal vs. conservative

January 10, 2014

Carter Lee Matson, Glenburn I read with interest the “Where are the liberals?” letter from the lady at Lake Metigosh....

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Jan-14-14 9:21 AM

the reasoning and stupidity of you liberals never ceases to amaze me... just proves the axiom of "Never argue with an idiot... they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!" Have a great and Godly day

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Jan-14-14 8:51 AM

Hilarious that everyone suddenly wants to submit their tribalistic whining in the context of David and Goliath. Trouble is, Goliath is not the only philistine in this thread.

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Jan-13-14 1:38 PM

Whistler, you must have that on your conservative liar's website. You can actually prove all seventeen assertions without doubt? If it is what you posted before, you are all wet. What is the biggest lie of all? I am a conservative and I am here to tell the truth-- fingers crossed.

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Jan-13-14 1:34 PM

Lets talk, muleskinner, Goliath was a liberall......hahahaha... He represented the rulers and the oppressors...Kinda like conservatives. David represented the worker bees and the middle to lower classed individuals. Liberal. Wow, you got this one wrong too.

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Jan-13-14 10:23 AM

Not my religion.

Marxists, Bolshevists, Communists from Poland to North Korea to Pol Pot probably killed 400 million.

Tough to compete with those statistics.

One death is a tragedy, a million, a statistic - Joey Stalin Marxists have been on a record breaking killing spree for over a hundred years.

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Jan-13-14 10:14 AM

Here we go:

Goliath -> Leftist Marxist Communist

David -> God-fearing conservative, much smaller, yet much more intelligent, knows how to throw a rock and do some damage

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Jan-13-14 9:40 AM

The Minot Daily is a conservative newspaper. End of discussion.

The daily bashing of Obama is completely warranted and is a necessary evil. The Minot Daily happily does the unending task of exposing the fraud that Obama is.

Something that must be done.

The Minot Daily is doing God's work.

I wouldn't get in their way.

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Jan-13-14 9:25 AM

"When President Ronald Reagan closed down all the mental health facilities in America I bet he didn't think all those patients would end up taking over the Republican party. "

I don't understand how this lie hasn't yet been debunked. Reagan didn't "close down" anything; it was a decision made by a judge presiding over a federal court. Any of you people hear of a place called San Haven, ND? It was this court decision that made it the empty, abandoned shell that it is today.

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Jan-13-14 8:49 AM

Obama.. nowhere around when his ambassador to Lybia is killed, nowhere to be seen when the IRS trgets conservative groups, nowhere when NSA spies on Americans, out golfing as he racks up more debt than all the other presidents combined, out golfing when his policies push poverty to a 50 year high, taking selfies at Mandelas funeral, and the list goes on.. I really like Reagan back but would take Bush over this idiot anyday.

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Jan-12-14 10:48 PM

Jack Garr is waging a war with God.. Who DO YOU think will win that war????

Funny how many ignorant people there are in America now that think God doesnt exist..

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Jan-12-14 6:10 PM

Let me see, what did the red side deliver???? well, a war built on lies: an almost economic collapse. Massive overspending from the Republicans: Bills and policies that destroy the economy: Tax gifts to the rich. Subsidies to all the big corporations especially big oil. And now, an obstructionist congress that is hurting the country. Yep, the people are watching and NOT the way that you talk, whistles

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Jan-12-14 3:08 PM

Whistler, The libs don't believe in God, they are the ones who actually booed God at their convention... they believe in the godless Muslim they elected pres and all the party hacks who cow tow to his wishes. Reminds me of Germany in the 30's, we'll see if they continue to follow in the footsteps of AH this election cycle.

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