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Positive energy changes

November 15, 2013

For the first time since 1995, the United States in October extracted more of its own oil than it imported from abroa....

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Nov-17-13 12:12 PM

who gives a crap if our oil goes into the XL. Bottom line is this country needs the jobs. And there will be an pile of jobs created by this pipeline. And a bunch will be long term jobs. If this administration wanted to be hero's they would sign on to the XL pipeline but force all materials to be U.S. made product.

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Nov-17-13 12:10 PM

lynn helms can tell you whatever he wants. I work in the industry and I'm telling you they aren't being used anymore. Drilling fluids are very expensive and they now have continuous loop technology to reclaim most of the drilling fluids. what your thinking of are cuttings pits. these are of no concern. they are cuttings mixed with flyash and water. they are not the pits of yesteryear which your thinking of.

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Nov-16-13 11:40 PM

NT4M: i think oil says ND crude it will use the xl, as a teaser to get us to want it. most everyone else says baloney because there is no connection planned for ND to enter the xl. oil lost there believability after 1973 when gas went from 35 cents to $1. Our middle class has never recovered from that price jump.

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Nov-16-13 11:31 PM

cf: any reason is enough for gas prices to go up. any refinery fire or maintenance, oil leak or anything that affects their infrastructure anywhere is a reason they use for gas to go up. they have it so good they really don't need insurance. How does a California fire affect ND gas supplies? oil should be a public utility to put a stop to their controlling business practices.

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Nov-16-13 11:24 PM

66: I don't care for lynn helms but he said they will continue to allow the pits and said oil may go to sd if we don't. are you suggesting it is all made up?

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Nov-16-13 8:16 PM

legend, there are no open pits being used anymore so you can sleep well at night. at least not enough to worry about.

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Nov-15-13 6:43 PM

Big oil talks much about costs but they want to build a very expensive pipeline in central canada and pipe crude from there and accross our entire country. this would be the second pipeline from that area as the keystone already exists. That is cost effective? Who pays for it--we do with every oil product. And those people complain about the Government? If Obama proposed such a boondoggle he would be removed. OIL--Our Industry Lies.

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Nov-15-13 3:38 PM

Lynn helms our state oil watchdog said we are going to allow continued use of open oil waste pits. oil says it would cost $300,000.00 per rig if pits were not allowed. Really? A pit must be dug, lined, monitored inuse, pumped out and the site reclaimed. That costs more than loading it immediately and hauling it away? I DO NOT BELIEVE IT. Helms said the $300K could cause drillers to move to SD and drill there instead. With all the money made from a well by everyone involved--I DO NOT BELIEVE IT.

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Nov-15-13 3:31 PM

Much federal land like under lake sak. is accessed for oil from the adjacent private land. the rig is placed on private land and the frak line runs under the lake. The best way to become energy independent is to stop exporting our stuff.

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Nov-15-13 12:01 PM

Boy, will that pipeline help Canada get rid of its toxic oil. Say, did anyone see that report on CBS news two days ago on the southern portion of the XL pipeline? I notice that none of the papers are carrying that one. You can see the video is you wish by going to the CBS news site. Oh, and if you want, you can go to the Missoula paper from a week or so ago and see an article on the increase in gas prices when pipelines are completed. Yep, they show that if the XL is completed our gas prices will increase anywhere from 20-40 cents because of it. Now, the spills the XL will create will be monumental. But, like the spills in ND, they will not be reported. The Northern XL benefits Canada, China, and Dutch Shell. It hurts the US. Now, that is a fact. Oh, and don't forget that we are currently exporting the good Bakken crude to Canada and that amount will increase because Canada wants to refine the "good" Bakken crude and not their own garbage.

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Nov-15-13 10:01 AM

A few years back there was great concerns for the depletion of our natural resources. The thought was to use others oil and protect what we have. Now it is drill baby drill and to*****with Federal/National resources--- get it all now. I wonder how Teddy is feeling now?

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Nov-15-13 7:16 AM

And its really a good thing that Obama cannot get his hands on the North Dakota Republicans..

Seems we are producing oil "in spite" of Obama regulations and the refusel to put in the Keystone Pipeline..

Put that in your pipe and stoke it Obama..

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