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Right thing for our future

November 3, 2013

Lynn Aas, Minot Minot is growing; make no doubt about it. The prospected city growth is real and sustainable....

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Nov-09-13 6:23 AM

i hope renters realize that landlords can't be expected to eat an increase as large as this would be. but maybe a yes vote will get those last stubborn elderly fixed income people out of here. and the city can always blame evil landlords for rent increases. nope, i'm not a landlord.

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Nov-08-13 9:12 AM

post by NorseSheepDog Nov-04-13 12:56 AM

"A boom town the dies when ever the oil does or a place that people want to stay and raise a family. Good schools are one of the first things people look at when deciding to stay or go." We know that not to be true. People follow the money so they can provide for their families. It doesn't matter how great the school is if there are no jobs to feed the kids who would be going to the school.

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Nov-04-13 11:10 PM

Okay...yes the need is there, but the pushers of this bill aren't honest nor is the media reporting this tax being very honest either. I say this again and again as some are going to pay $1,000 more a year before the bond and to throw the bond in another $1,000. Now how fair is this? Just tell the truth and not the partial truth. It's so tiring that these community leaders think we're dumb, stupid and uneducated......

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Nov-04-13 12:59 AM

This city spent 42 yrs between the last successful bond issue and the flood.

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Nov-04-13 12:56 AM

A boom town the dies when ever the oil does or a place that people want to stay and raise a family. Good schools are one of the first things people look at when deciding to stay or go.

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Nov-04-13 12:54 AM

I find it so very interesting to read the comments on this page. Everyone on here belly-aches about the oil causing all the cities problems. But before the oil it was the base that was ruining Minot, and who knows what outside bogeyman it was before that. The real question the bond issue raises is what kind of city do we want Minot to be.

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Nov-03-13 9:45 PM

Go to the city of Grand Forks website and they have a calculator for determining property tax in all of the major cities in ND. Jamestown is the highest in the state and Fargo is in the middle. Minot is in the bottom three for lowest property taxes. I am confident we are in line with city sales tax as well but the real issue is property taxes. Please let me know if these are not accurate because I surely want to go to the polls to make an informed, educated vote.

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Nov-03-13 7:43 PM

I love how you guys are referring to this as a "pet project" as if it's a luxury for kids to go to school in an ACTUAL SCHOOL and not in a trailer with no plumbing. 1/3 of the kids at Washington learn outside of the actual school and this is just one of many problems with overcrowding. Are you really ok with this? We need immediate action.

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Nov-03-13 7:42 PM

Minot's property taxes are lower than nearly every major city in North Dakota. Do your homework here. Nobody is trying to keep up with the Jones' and is not for "pet projects". The schools are overcrowded and have been trending this way for almost a decade. We are educating kids in nothing more than glorified trailers. Continued no votes have directly resulted in rundown schools. MPS repurposed a "used" building that opened with 5 extra rooms to allow for growth. There are now 9 portable classrooms and 1 room used in the building next to it. In my opinion, MPS have been more than open and honest with the community in explaining the need. We cannot wait for the legislature to come to its senses. In the event the legislature does send oil revenue our way then it is a win-win: the schools will be up and running and my property taxes will go back down. I am voting yes because of the need and the fact that the cost will continue to elevate every year.

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Nov-03-13 11:54 AM

Im voting no because this is a blank check for more money than what is required right now for immediate construction. The school board i believe is not being realistic and during their public meetings ignored comments not favorable. For those voting yes you have more confidence in this oil boom than i do.

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Nov-03-13 11:23 AM

I will vote no. I think the people who are already footing the bill to recover from the flood have our hands full. I have no extra. I think the state and oil companies and those making the money from the oil field, should pay their fair share. I paid my fair share when the corp let the city flood because they are incompetent.

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Nov-03-13 7:08 AM

Wrong. I have friends that will be adversely impacted by an increase in property taxes and I will do everything possible to keep that from happening. They don't have to suffer because the well-heeled in this community are jonesin' for another 125 million to spend on pet projects.

The funding can come from somewhere else.

The right 'thing' for the community to do is to knock on doors of the oil companies and have them 'donate' some money to pay for the influx of people who now work in the Bakken.

It can be done.

The only right thing to do on December 10 is to Vote 'NO'.

Always try to do right thing and voting NO is the right thing to do.

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