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Bullying turns deadly

September 18, 2013

Among the most heart-wrenching and deeply troubling stories in the news last week was that of a 12-year-old Florida girl who committed suicide after being bullied for nearly a year....

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Sep-20-13 10:08 AM

namexxx and I did see that on Ms.NBC, so it must be true....


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Sep-19-13 5:15 PM


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Sep-19-13 5:00 PM

No, Trayvon is dead.

The story is Zimmerman beating up his wife and threatening to shoot his father-in-law.

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Sep-19-13 3:10 PM

Gatto writes interesting books.

And you guys are making me blush....

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Sep-19-13 12:46 PM

I really have enjoyed John Taylor Gatto's books. Another one of his is "Weapons of Mass Instruction"... His webpage also has the "history tour" which is most interesting.

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Sep-19-13 12:44 PM

Interesting the powers that be in the school advance notice; tell them this problem is going on and if they do nothing about it, "I will".

Probably still get you arrested and put in the pokey today.

Wow, locomotive has read Underground History of American Education? That's worth going up a few notches in my book.

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Sep-18-13 6:31 PM

Our society is much to blame for the bullies among our children. It is a simple matter of disrespect for another. It is government that will disregard the public vote. It is pushing others around because you can through money or position. It is hostefest giving pioneer village the boot. It is frivolous lawsuits. Our children witness it and hear it when parents discuss public matters at the dinner table. True damaging bullies should be dealt with don't expect miracles because we have a separate standard of law for the wealthy.

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Sep-18-13 5:13 PM

John Taylor Gatto is a fave with me. He wrote "The Underground History of American Education" and "Dumbing Us Down" among others.

A former award-winning teacher with nearly 30 years experience, Gatto definitely possesses an informed look from the, hallowed halls...of education. He's been there, he knows.

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Sep-18-13 2:24 PM

Only the fair objective minds can stop bullying. Many parents protect their bully because they are of influence or see no fault in their child (very common). Overzealous enforcement will cause many to refuse any action to enforce it. The gun issue is similar. You lose your right to hunt and fish if late on child support and anyone who has been through divorce might know how twisted and one sided the system is--hence "dead beat dads" not "moms". Many now want to deny guns to those with mental problems. Is that fair if they have never abused their gun rights? All vets with PTSD would lose their gun rights after they served. Is that what we want? No way. It should be limited to those who have abused their gun rights. True bullies should be identified and handled, however, minor incidents like "burns" or pranks or those things that occur in the boy/girl dating game which are not serious should be overlooked. We all know the real bullies in our lives. They ar

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Sep-18-13 11:46 AM

"Appropriately, most school systems have anti-bullying programs and policies. Almost undoubtedly, so did the district in which Sedwick attended school"

But woe to the man who actually enforces it or any other rules at the school.

Just remember, the way the school system is set up lends itself to this kind of thing. Go read some John Taylor Gatto and set your minds free.

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Sep-18-13 10:03 AM

We learn the didactic from our leaders. We pushed and bullied our way into Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Syria is in the cross hairs.

Should be no big surprise to anybody that bullying works if you want death and destruction.

Worked for Bush I, then the 911 blowback to return the bullying in kind, then Bush II bullying, each time in Iraq, then Obama's bullying using drones in Afghanistan, so the real moral lesson learned is that bullying can't be stopped and it causes death. The death counts were ignored. One death is a tragedy, a million, a statistic said Stalin.

We reap what we sow.

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Sep-18-13 9:41 AM

I agree, willies....those two speeding incidents topped it off for me....

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Sep-18-13 8:48 AM

Bullying is even in our own backyards whether we like it or not. It's even gone so far as professional bullying and their victims that nobody does anything about these professional bullies.

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Sep-18-13 8:27 AM

....when I saw the headline, God forbid, I thought the MDN had a story about Trayvon beating on Zimmerman.....

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