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Pushing the law, no matter what

July 22, 2013

It will be easy for President Barack Obama and liberals in the Senate to overcome a House of Representatives challenge to part of the national health care law....

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Aug-01-13 2:41 PM

Pretty bad when all the Demoncraps on the Hill are whining to Obama about not wanting to go on Obamacare..

Sick SOBS..Makes you want to take everyone of them out behind the woodshed ...

They treat the American citizens about the same as Castro treated those girls in Cincinnati.. We are chained down and forced to submit as our Government holds a gun to our head to buy insurance and yet they exclude themselves..

I think America is darn close to an uprising against our Communist Government..

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Jul-31-13 11:08 PM

Minot Daily News Online:

the psychotic ramblings of beer guzzling, gun hugging racists.

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Jul-31-13 10:50 PM

Time to stop pretending, sheeple. Obama does not give a hoot in*****about your civil liberties or your rights, to the extent that your knowledge of illegal actions or your freedom of speech/expression/privacy threaten the continuation of imperialist ambition. Democracy itself is tortured in the USA.

Today the White House called benghazi nothing more than a scandal.

I wonder how the parents of those killed feel about that comment. There dead kids are really not dead it's nothing more than a scandal..

We have one really sick demented President. I wonder what the outcome in Benghazi would have been if the guy killed was Black. Would we have got the true story?

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Jul-31-13 5:58 PM

Not to stay off topic (well, ok, I'm staying off topic), I googled "george zimmerman rescue true or false" and found many articles claiming that the story is false. Many of those articles' sites happen to be left of center.

I liked this one in particular because it mentioned Tom Wolfe.

hotair . com/archives/2013/07/22/stranger-than-fiction-george-zimmerman-emerges-from-hiding-to-rescue-victim-of-car-accident/

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Jul-30-13 8:57 AM

"Seriously, who and or what,where,when & how will the GOP pull it together?"

I didn't think Democrats have ever been interested in the well-being of their political opponents.

Or, maybe a declared GOP presidential candidate could jumpstart the Democrat presidential campaign for 2016?

In July. Of 2013. Voter fatigue, anyone?

It'd be nice if "working across the aisle" were true instead of an oft-stated talking point.

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Jul-29-13 4:01 PM

willgrr: "What difference does it make? You are a laughingstock!"

The question is Hillaryspeak. The next statement is pure willgrr.

I've recently worn a ponytail. I'm not 20, but I'm not 60 either.

Yeah, what difference does it make?

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Jul-29-13 3:28 PM

Your right Git your not very bright..

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Jul-29-13 10:52 AM

You made that comparison garr not me.. Any normal person can see the age difference in the two and understand how strange and off key your remark was..

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Jul-29-13 10:11 AM

60 with a pony tail versus 20 with a pony tail?

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Jul-29-13 8:13 AM

willgrr Jul-28-13 11:24 PM

Thanks for my first chuckle of the day, willgrr.


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Jul-28-13 10:57 PM

Dusty even the VA can't help all of the people like Garr.. Some times their just is no hope..

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Jul-28-13 10:56 PM

Talk about DUMB>> And you brought it up Garr

2016 Presidential Election predictions..

'The Democrats' LEADING hopefuls are Vice President Joe Biden, 70, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, 65.

Wow now thats a pair.. Dumbo and the Liar will be taking center stage.. Benghazi has all but wiped out Clinton and will continue for at least 2 more years and Biden.. well what can we say about old dingbat Joe.. he will lead himself to slaughter..

Only reason Joe is VP is becasue Obama wanted an idiot who never voiced an opinion..and he got slow mo joe blow..

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Jul-28-13 10:34 PM

Garr Some people just cannot be helped..Git is one of them.. He is a race baiter and I suspect his mother is not proud of that.. Just like you and yours..

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Jul-28-13 9:10 PM

Dustoff all these libs on here are afarid we will take away their food stamps and their welfare and their free houses and drugs..

Why else would a person want to keep increasing the debt? Only a person receiving the money would want MORE And that would be these sicko race baiting welfare babies who troll on this sight..

They are like Obama..after everyone elses money and too low down to go earn their own.. Dirt under our feet is what they are..

Why does Obama need more money libs.. Care to tell us??? Your all so super intelligent lets hear your reasons for needing more money?

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Jul-28-13 9:07 PM

Hey Git are you saying that Right wing people cannot even talk about Blacks? Are you saying that if we mention one we are raciest?

Your a real piece of dirt and a dyed in the wool race baiter along with being a git which is rotter: a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible; "only a rotter would do that"; "kill the rat.

It describes you to a tee Git Despicable!!!

Your nothing more then a little kid who has got his hands on mommeys computer and you try to twist everyones words into Hate!!

I feel sorry for YOUR mother.. She really should have aborted you..

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Jul-28-13 4:06 PM

The Democratic budget includes $275 billion in cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and other social programs.

Obama is the grim reaper.. Cutting help to all the Seniors and disabled.. And that's the Republicans who are waging the waR against seniors and the disabled? What say you to that billygarrish

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Jul-28-13 4:04 PM

Patty Murray, Senate Budget Committee Chairwoman, released an outline of the Democratic budget proposal Tuesday, which calls for $1.85 trillion in “deficit reduction” over the next ten years. The proposal would include $975 billion in tax increases and another $975 billion in spending reductions. The Democratic budget includes $275 billion in cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and other social programs.

The same day, Obama held a luncheon with Congressional Democrats in which he urged them to accept deeper cuts to entitlements in exchange for an agreement for more tax increases by the Republicans.

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Jul-28-13 4:02 PM

Willgarr Portray Blacks in a negative light?

If you do the crime you do the time.. Did you know there were also white prostitutes on the same corner?

You see you spout off about a lot of things which you don't have a clue about.

The red states are not the ones crying about the cuts.. Its you Obama and the blue states.. So quit your crying and quit be the obstruction.. You liberal lucies like to blame the Republicans but Obama is more of an obstruction than any Conservatives.

Just his comments go to show he has his hackles up and he is going to turn down anything and everything.. Hes not a leader he is a bully. He is already making threats against a budget thats not written..

So OPbama can shove it and shut down the Government.. Then we will see how popular he is.. by the way he is in a serious decline already..

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Jul-28-13 3:40 PM

Darn those Republicans they just cannot get anything done but Mr Cool he has the answer..

Today it came out Obama will neither sign government funding bills that slash domestic spending nor negotiate with Republicans over spending cuts to reduce the federal debt limit.

Obama is unwilling to work with any cuts in spending.. Obama is for taking peoples money and redistributing it in the form of welfare and food stamps.. Well Lil O better plan on a government shutdown ..

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Jul-28-13 3:30 PM

Wow will gets all ticked off when you ask him a civil question His answer tells me #1 he is not from Minot..and #2 he is young..

Us old timers remeber Sauls BBQue and the Flame and other places in the red light district..

We were kids and use to drive by to get a look see. Wow those hot sumer nights, the old drive in theater and beer was our only drug of choice.. They were the good old days when you KNEW what your friends were like and you trusted everyone..

Many a time I missed my ride home and would walk to my friends house in the middle of the night.. let myself in and go upstairs and go to bed..

We were young happy and unafraid.. Life has sure changed..

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Jul-28-13 8:42 AM

Do you remember the 2 black ladies that use to prostitue over on 3rd street back in the 50s Did your Grandfather fight for their rights too? I know the city cops were after them pretty regular..

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Jul-28-13 8:39 AM

Hateful racists and people like Obama who shove their beliefs and ignorance at everyone don't come close to making a country healthy.

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Jul-27-13 10:40 PM

Thanks Git for posting all the comments.. I hit agree on your last three. They are true and deserve to be published way more than just my one time. Thanks again for helping the cause and spreading the word..

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Jul-27-13 10:35 PM

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Jul-26-13 10:54 PM

willgrr, I think the words "totally innocuous" don't describe either side of this playing field that much.

I have no idea why your one cited reference was removed.

But there have been other posts--from both sides--that were nothing close to innocuous, some that I had been able to see briefly before they were removed (I'm talking in the last few weeks).

Online editing is not a job I'd particularly like to have, especially when getting several emails & phone calls about decisions that are mine to make. Whether or not we agree with any call, it's the online editor's to make. It's the MDN forum, not a willgrr forum, not a locomotive forum.

Is online editing a job you would like, willgrr? Would you be able to appreciate the level of "attention" from diehard righties that you seem to be giving the MDN online editor? Naming you and providing a phone number to reach you always?

Ah, the information age..

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