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Sebelius seeking donations

May 25, 2013

Does President Barack Obama’s administration know no bounds regarding unethical behavior? Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is clear and convincing evidence that it does not....

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May-25-13 6:18 AM

Congress really refused the millions for promoting Obamacare? I hadn't heard. I will commend them if it is true. If Obamacare was really the cat's meow that it was purported to be; there would be NO need to stuff it down our throats, I mean promote it.

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May-25-13 9:27 AM

My goodness, what a serious, "well written" editorial and so full of factual data?? I would bet that it was written locally by one of the illiterates upstairs at the MDN. First of all, learn how to write. Secondly, Try to be more factual in your opinion article. It is not illegal for Sebelius to solicit these funds just because the big wig Repubs think so. Since the Republicans have blocked everything put forth by the democrats for five years, it is reasonable to seek other directions. All of the examples provided by the MDN in this "opinion" are presented as facts and based on this list, I was surprised that Acorn and Swift boat were not included. But, as long as the Repubs and their minions can focus on making up scandals, then they don't have to deal with a jobs bill they have hid for eighteen months, ending sequester, or anything else that will help the country. Oh, yes, they can still vote 37 times to repeal Obamacare but that is just more of their obstru

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May-25-13 10:45 AM

Maybe the MDN should do some "investigative" reporting and ask why our congressman voted for this.......And stop the prepetuating about something that has already started helping hundreds of thousands of people...hhmmmm????

"Kevin Cramer joined House Republicans yesterday to approve the “Students Pay More Act,” a measure to force college students to pay more interest for their education loans. With the average college student shouldering $26,000 in debt, the Associated Press this week described how “student loan rates could steadily climb and cost students more over the long haul under the plan House Republicans are considering.” “Congressman Cramer has again put Washington first and as a result, North Dakota’s students will face the prospect of a bigger burden because he backed a bill that would allow interest rates to go up to 8.5 percent.”

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May-25-13 11:14 AM

Judging from the first few comments here it appears the fog is lifting on the ACA. Too bad about the million and a half Texans who will be denied health insurance because Texas Republicans are just so darned principled.

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May-25-13 1:06 PM

Such amateurish attempts at deflecting the obvious to everyone: This president and administration is now without any doubt, the most corrupt and inept; the worst in United States of America's history. Any socialistic sympathizing with the president, such as 'who wrote this article' are immature deflection attempts. Own it: Obama is the worst in recorded history; there can no longer be any doubt by any common standard or measure.

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May-25-13 6:12 PM

Everything that people have said about Obama Care is coming true. Companies are cutting back on the employees and their hours. Everything that Obama said we could keep and won't change a thing, if you choose to keep your own insurance, is a lie.

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May-25-13 7:58 PM

Yep, the lefty hyperbole seems rather like that colorful barnyard phrase NT4M attributed to his/her father.

Many here seem to be out in full deflection mode, with blame of a previous administration much more compelling than the actions of the present.

Like Daffy Duck/Duck Dodgers said after engaging his rocket ship:

"Heh heh, had the silly thing in reverse!"

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May-25-13 10:42 PM

Maybe nobody at the MDN or Disgusted, Missy, or loco read the last Forbes article where it talks about Obama being American's BEST economical President...EVER!!!! In there it also talks about ACA (Affordable Health Care Act) of which I will paste it here....

"ACA levels the playing field and will be good for economic growth. Where previously only large corporations could afford employee health care plans, in the future far more employees will have far more equitable coverage. Further, today employees frequently are unable to leave a company to start a new business because they would lose health care, which in the future will not be true."

hhmmmm....Sounds like a bunch of friggin COMMIES to me, huh??? That Forbes article must of been written by libs...oh, wait.... (Please also note the sarcasim)

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May-25-13 11:13 PM

Centerfield Get your facts straight!!! IT is illegal for her to solicit funds even if the Dem's said so..

Twenty-six members of Congress, including Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and John Culberson sent a letter on May 16 questioning the actions of Sebelius.

“We are deeply concerned with the recent reports that you have made numerous phone calls soliciting financial donations for non-profits that are working to enroll individuals in the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act exchanges (or ‘marketplaces’ as you now call them),” the letter began.

The letter also reminds Sebelius that if such calls were made, that she is once again violating federal law. “As you know, federal regulations specifically prohibit federal employees from fundraising in their official capacity. Cabinet members like yourself are prohibited from soliciting donations from anyone who conducts business with your Department

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May-25-13 11:16 PM

Notea4me at what Point does Obama become POTUS and start acting like it m instead of deflecting everything that happens as Bushes fault..

You too. You can Bi%%ch and complain about Bush but he is not the POTUS. In fact he has been gone almost 5 years.. Thats long enough for a baby to be starting school and learning who the POTUS really is. In some homes I bet they think its still Bush as thats all many kids ever hear is its Bushes fault..

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May-25-13 11:20 PM

Notea4me Whats about the subject at hand? The subject of the article? No Bush attachment at all to this article..just drug in by you..

The Unions are turning on Obama now and want Obamacare repealed.. Sibelius is out with her tin cup begging for money.. This is a well laid out plan.. Just maybe they should have read it before they shoved their finger up their backside and sniffed.. Might have been smarter to find out what was in it before they passed it or passed gas.. or Nancy..

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May-26-13 12:05 AM

Really Bill...You wanna use Bachman as your "reliable source" The dingbat who thinks that "god" is going to "save us all" from ACA...Heck, even the whack - job from AZ Jan Brewer said she would veto everything until Obamacare Medicaid Expansion is Implemented!!

I realize that it is useless to try to inform conservatives, they are not information seekers who want balanced information. And confronting them with factual information makes them dig in, but even on March 29, 3013 Obama asked for 21 Billion to fix roads, bridges, and ports and Repubics filibustered it....Washington state, May 24th, 2013....Missouri state, TODAY!!!! Wake up and realize your party is DESTROYING AMERICA!!!.... Oh wait, umbrella-gate.. OH MY!!!!

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May-26-13 12:41 AM

I don't believe everything I read. I mostly listen to People that this is affecting in real life. And what changes, mostly bad, that have put their companies, and professionals to make other arrangements on how they will continue. Try that for once.

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May-26-13 12:50 AM

But you, Icart68, don't care about that, as long as your receiving and not having to give.

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May-26-13 1:59 AM

"Obama asked for 21 Billion to fix roads, bridges, and ports and Repubics filibustered it....Washington state, May 24th, 2013....Missouri state, TODAY!!!! Wake up and realize your party is DESTROYING AMERICA!!!...."

Republicans and Democrats. Two sides of the same coin.

Aren't these federal highway funds just the kind of "gifts" that we red states should be turning down? So as to avoid the appearance of sucking from the Federal teet? You love squawking those red state moochers, but still you can't help but hog the nipple.

So forget about the political posturing between the Repubs and the Demos. Effectively they've become equal partners in the same corrupt system. We already know that congressional politics these days is all about bringing home the Federal gravy, no matter what side of the aisle your delegation sits. The Republican end game has more to do with that, and less to do with depriving citizens of roads and bridges, or those those lovely make-work jobs

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May-26-13 2:09 AM

Libs like to pretend to hate Republicans. But the parties are nearly identical.

In truth, you have utter contempt for Conservatives. When we reclaim the party, we'll let you know.

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May-26-13 9:01 AM

Notea4me The Obvious difference between Obama and Bush is one is a spoiled brat the other is a man.

Bush pushed the concept that people could be anything they wanted, do anything they wanted and how far then went deepened on how hard they worked and how they looked at life and its opportunities

The Spoiled Brat Obama pushed just the opposite. Come to the Government..We will GIVE you anything you want. There is no need to work and achieve we will give you food (food stamp king) We will give you free medical (obamacare) and we will get you a free telephone and you can live in the houses Clinton let you buy with no credit and no down payment.

Are you seeing the picture NoT4Me?

Obama requires NOTHING of people. He wants to be the spoiler of people and the guy who gives and gives as he takes and takes from the people who are willing to work for a living.

Your Party is so lame its a welfare case.. It ***** off the rest of the people. Shame on You!

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May-26-13 9:26 AM

Speaking of unethical behavior . . . this same "editorial" has appeared in at least 5 other newspapers.

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May-26-13 10:05 AM

Obama has failed at everything he has done and he was a welfare baby and received everything for free from the day he was born.

Its the only life he ever knew and he thinks welfare is the Norm and anyone that works is a fool.

Look at all the STUPID things he has done and is doing.

he is waging war on working Americans and at the same time demanding they pay more in taxes so he has more to give to his type people the welfare live off the Government crowd. Obama worked his way up on WELFARE! We paid for the sleaze that he is.

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May-26-13 10:07 AM

Please show some facts and data where Bush senior Bailed out Bush Junior.. Or is it just more drool running from your lips?

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May-26-13 10:09 AM

NoT4me question for you?

Can America survive if everyone goes on welfare?

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May-26-13 2:44 PM

Notea4me And lets look at how Obama served his country.. Oh that's right he didn't have to so he voted present and stayed on welfare..

Bush stood up for the Military well Obama passed a law so folks could come down and STARE at dead bodies who fought for America be unloaded from the carriers..

I suspect being a protester NoT4me was front and center heading down to watch the dead be unloaded..

Giving the families who raised these brave men and women no time to grieve and be alone with their children.

Obama found it more fulfilling to let the press and people gather as war hero's were brought home.

No dignity from Obama that for darn sure..

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May-26-13 2:52 PM

NoTforme...Let me put your military experience this way. Its the same as every Vietnam war protester who ran off to Canada.. Its the same as folks who line up funeral paths and hold up protest signs as the dead hero's are laid to rest.

Your a real piece of work. If you cannot stand up and fight for your country then your nothing more then a coward,,

You are the guy on the corner holding the sign that says we are wrong for fighting for America.. Your the guy who is a gutless wonder and hides under mamma's dress. Your a slug and you leech off the lives of folks who fight to keep this country free.

You take everything from the Government yet will not lift a finger for the country that supports your lazy fat backside..

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May-26-13 2:53 PM

not4me.. The publish Obama service records.. Oh wait you can't they are not there among your facts..

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May-26-13 2:55 PM


I have the exact same military experience as all the other left wing chickhawk cowards who want war as long as it's someone else doing the fighting and dying.

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