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Baucus's shocking comment

April 23, 2013

It was certainly a bit shocking last week to hear Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., describe the ongoing implementation of the nation’s new health care bill as a “train wreck....

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Apr-23-13 4:45 AM

I certainly would like to see the bill at the very least re-written to work out some of the kinks. There were so many ways we could have improved the system we had. Alas, the fools in Washington on both sides of the isle and the leader at the top failed to write anything that will work for the American people. We will just jump from the frying pan into the fire and that will not be a cool place to be. Pardon the pun.

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Apr-23-13 6:19 AM

Actually we are jumping from the fire into the frying pan. Still not a pretty picture, but an improvement.

Look lets face it. People on the low end of wages cannot afford 1500 dollars a month for family medical.

The ACA was a start but not enough. We are the only developed country that does not provide basic healthcare, yet we are the richest!

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Apr-23-13 8:33 AM

Politicians never get it until after the fact and it becomes too late. Nothing new there. Look at Heidi, she is more clueless than Rick Berg.

Doesn't matter if it's the fire or the frying pan, a lot of people will not be able to afford health insurance.

Train wreck it is, but the real impact won't be felt until the time comes.

All it is is a mandated subsidy for health insurance providers and nothing else. Nothing to do with your health, just money. Your money.

You will be forced to pay.

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Apr-23-13 8:59 AM

Our health insurance should not be based on lobbyists and the results of their actions.

I agree we are not being informed in real time to be able to even begin to conceive the results of the mandatory health care plans. Somebody needs to stop this run away train before it hits the end of the tracks.

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Apr-23-13 10:15 AM

Perhaps your take is right, raj, that Baucus has a problem with the law's implementation thus far and not the law itself.

But with that take, people end up conveniently blaming Republicans again for the problems with ACA.

billdoesnt had this part right: Republicans were shut out of the ACA vote, because Democrats had the majority and they were going to push it through, period.

If the ACA is so popular, well-received, and desirable, Democrats shouldn't have any problem working with Republicans to get this funded and up & running.

Frankly, I'll consider it the Democrats' fault if they fail.

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Apr-23-13 10:59 AM

Since when can Obama run for a third term? I am sure he can get all his damage done in 2 terms. He doesn't need a 3rd one. I am waiting for the 2nd term to end, and watching the door hit him in the back end.

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Apr-23-13 12:29 PM

Oh, I get it. willgrr thinks Baucus is a DINO - Democrat In Name Only.

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Apr-23-13 8:27 PM

leftwing, Please draw the picture. I can read and talk to alot of doctor's. They don't like this bill, and since I pay my very own health care, at 1300.00 per month, how much more is this to cost me? Start Drawing. At least I don't have to pay for some employee, anymore.

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Apr-23-13 8:32 PM

rajii, I predict, you will be dead before Bankruptcy gets you. Then they get their estate tax.

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Apr-23-13 10:34 PM

Obama may have maxed out his welcome. And with my Health care, guessing does not work. So if your friend is guessing, do not need his advice. I want the truth. Hard to come by these days.

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Apr-23-13 10:46 PM

By the way, on a dinosaur plan. 100.00 deductable. 500.00 Major. Imagine that. Since the 1970's.

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Apr-23-13 10:55 PM

Also I guess my rates raise due to the fact, people do not pay their very own bills. Try be responsible for once. Well their parents were not, why should their children. You learn by example, so many are losers.

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Apr-23-13 11:00 PM

rajii. Where is that exact info. Please tell me. You sound so sure sure of yourself.

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Apr-23-13 11:42 PM

Rajii Believe it. No Major Health Care anything. Yes, they have tried to kick us off. I won't let them. I pay my bill ahead of time. A contract is a Contract. I will fight until they force me to take Obama Care. And then Dead is dead. Thank You for the info.

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Apr-24-13 2:23 AM

The last candidate for the Repubs in Montana got whipped by a farmer fairly handily. Montana Republicans don't have anyone. The had a Democratic Governor (Schweitzer) for two terms and replaced him with another Democrat. Bacus will retire to his villa in France. He is hugely rich and he bows out, Schweitzer moves in. End of story. Bacus had tons of money and would have walked through the election.

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Apr-24-13 5:12 AM

uh oh - time for the regime and the left to trash max since he deviated from the party line and spoke his own mind.

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Apr-24-13 7:58 AM

Simple answer boys and girls.

Provide basic health care to each "citizen" of the USA. You want a better basic policy, you are welcome to purchase or if your employer or you can afford a better policy, than please do.

If your child is sick, and you cannot afford the bill you may appreciate it being available, as the Last thing you want is worry about the Heating bill or your health expenses for your loved ones..

Godly, Humane, and a lot better for society than being able to buy a 50 cal automatic with a 100 shot clip without anyone knowing. Good that, if you have something to hide.

Easy to pay for too. Just ask Mitt Romney, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Max Baucus to pay a little more than 14 % taxes like most folks who are in the 150,000 plus category who already pay more than that, but do not have thier legislatures ear.

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Apr-24-13 8:17 AM

billldoesntgetit - Thanks not Bill Garr - Appreciate you proposing more fixes to a broken sytem.

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Apr-24-13 8:22 AM

Love it billldoesntgetit - Closet Humanitarian who as an idea the system is down.

P.S. - Did you notice I not call you lib, dem, left winger etc..

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Apr-24-13 8:32 AM

Not sure on that one, and am skeptical of its accuracy. However ACA is not ready for prime time, if that is your question.. Only problem is no one is working together to resolve. The republicans are only working to defund, not make it right or better. In my opinion they could resolve this if they were not as concerened about thier next election or thier next corporate or rich man donation for it..

Do you agree?

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Apr-24-13 8:36 AM

The old death panels. Love nostalgia..

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Apr-24-13 11:29 AM

Republicans don't think anything was wrong with how healthcare was, didn’t think that anything needed to be fixed and didn't have any suggestions on how to control the spiraling cost of healthcare.

They still have absolutely no idea.

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Apr-24-13 11:57 AM

Is that like the 80 to 90 percent who think we should be doing background gun sales on gun shows and interne/and classified the same as at the store? You know - fairness to the brick and mortar guys.

Oh - and do you Think Term Limits is a good idea? Earlier question I know but you being an astute observer of politics I figured you had a thought even though you did not answer earlier?

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Apr-24-13 12:26 PM

billldoesntgetit: Not Bill Garr - I am glad we reached a consensus on term limits, if Nothing Else.

I would rather pursue areas of agreement than areas of disagreement. Small consolation but more important than a total disagreement is what I would like to think.

2 terms for Senators, 3 for Congressmen? What Say?

Thanks for your answer. Lets enlarge the conversation to the areas we agree and see if we can motivate our fellow folks towards those areas where we can find agreement. tks

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Apr-24-13 12:30 PM

Not Bill Garr?

""""One thing that really please me today is the fact that every person on the blogs will GET OLD or Die trying.

That means everyone who likes Obamacare will get to go thru the medicare process and the boards descsions as to when they have spent enough on you and you are no longer of value."""

Dude - I made a mistake. With diarrhea like this we cannot have a conversation. Sorry, but my mistake.

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