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Where’s Heitkamp?

April 14, 2013

Steven Moen, Minot Where’s Heidi Heitkamp? With her support of Obamacare and the bulk of it coming into effect next year I find it amazing that we hear nothing from her especially since the House is......

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Apr-14-13 6:39 AM

Voters have to understand that politicians can be duplicitous and live by a double standard.

Politicians can be hypocrites, as in 'do as I say, not as I do'.

Heidi is one of those politicians.

The kind that can't be trusted.

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Apr-14-13 8:28 AM

Yup You got Heidi Liberals now you can sit back and relax as she follows the Obama rules and regulations and votes to take away your guns.

Heidi is just another Puppet. Puppets have no brains they dance as others pull their strings and cast her votes for her.

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Apr-14-13 2:13 PM

I bet she can't recall saying that or doing anything, it worked for the man who turned the oval office into a race track chasing interns. Yeah she is a bad egg and sides with the government not the people. I knew that from personally dealing with her on taxation without representation, as the Attorney General she agreed with me and did absolutely nothing about it. She will say anything we want to hear as long as somebody tells her what it is we want to hear. She can do anything she wants, she got the job and will be there for several more years. It would be interesting to track her money taken in and her investments, mainly watch her investments and do what she does.

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Apr-14-13 3:41 PM

Read 3/4 of this piece and then said to myself "who wrote this piece of junk?" Ohhh Steven Moen. Could have guessed. This is the same joker who said that HH would have been limited to $14,000 worth of treatment during her cancer treatment had the ACA been in affect. A complete fabrication.

He has equal disdain for HH and the ACA.

I refer anyone who is responsible for his/her health ins. cost to Google: "ACA calculator kaiser" and punch in your pertinent information. See how you can benefit (that's gift to you JackAaah) from the ACA.

And if you insist on thinking of the benefit as "something for nothing" let me ask you how your employers handles the cost of insuring you. Answer; they pass the cost on to Uncle Sam. Hello.

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Apr-14-13 4:11 PM

veritas.. I was hoping she would say she would prosecute them for breaking the law. You are making me laugh, I hope it is intentional.

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Apr-14-13 4:13 PM

Oh yeah veritas. Would she really be that unprofessional and if so she is even more worthless than I thought. Icky!

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Apr-14-13 5:40 PM

icart Berg isnt anymore.. we are now talking about Heidi..she is probably over in the closet with Clinton..

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Apr-14-13 8:14 PM

veritas must be Billgarr in his other person.. Bi+Polar anyone? veritas picks on Early Bird every chance he gets and then he becomes BillGarr and calls me Donnamay becasue he cannot use his own name to rag on me..

Bad deal ain't it Billy garr or is is Wily Garr on 5th?

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Apr-14-13 8:16 PM

veritas People like you who perpetuate divisions among citizens of the USA are the biggest problem we have in government

Are you talking about Obama and his hate based relationship with ALL republicans? calling them the enemy and many other thought provoking names.. Is that the division you are speaking of?

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Apr-14-13 8:28 PM

I've appreciated Sen. Heitkamp's defense of ND's heritage with responsible gun ownership and the 2nd amendment against "the mayors" and their *******-on-the-tailgate ads.

Sen. Heitkamp's stance on ACA during the campaign was that it "needs work" but that she was in favor of its passage.

C'mon, folks. We all knew this. Just call or write her with your concerns. She (or a staff member) will get back to you with her take on the issue.

It'll work just like it did with Sens. Conrad & Dorgan and Rep. Pomeroy, just like it does now with Sen. Hoeven and Rep. Cramer.

Don't we all know the drill yet?

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Apr-14-13 8:29 PM

Trying again...

...against "the mayors" and their r e d n e c k-on-the-tailgate ads."

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Apr-15-13 8:06 AM

ND likes to send a dem to DC because they are better at taking OPM and re-distributing it.

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Apr-15-13 9:11 AM

We do need, I feel, Hidey to get back on board...and to support whatever the Democrat Party leadership wants.....I feel we just cannot move forword if Hidey acts like a Republican on some issues....

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Apr-15-13 9:17 AM

I feel if I can get Hidey to the community owned Free Lunch Counter Café in Hillsboro, that we can serve her a BigGulp-sized portion of Koolaid, and a super-sized plateful of peas, that we can once again get Hidey on the straight and narrow (no, this is not a gay reference). Of following the dictates of the Democrat Party. (but we do need her to move us forword and allow similar-sex marriages...maybe even push for multiple similar-sex partner marriages)

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Apr-15-13 10:41 AM

Who really cares where she is?

I b tinken bout it owl and decided that ifn I marry a duck or a goose, then they have a hatch of ducklings or goslings, then I can have a nice bunch of exemptions on my tax return and I can qualify for earned income credits and get rich!

I could marry both a duck and a goose and qualify for 2 earned income credits! I could clip their wings and get 2 disability checks on top of it all!

Heidi would pop out of nowhere to approve the marriages and demand gov issue disability checks to poor, lit'l ol' me and my 2 brand new marriages would be financed by the taxpayer!

Hip Hip Hooray!

Heidi appears to be lost and nobody really has to go find her. She can stay lost.

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Apr-15-13 1:51 PM


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Apr-15-13 1:59 PM

I feel if you want to marry your duck, or your goose, that lifestyle choice MUST be respected.....and I feel Hidey may be moving forword with that, along with many other normal lifestyle choices...

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Apr-16-13 12:49 PM

I agree....I feel all lifestyle choices must be respected....can we come together on that?

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Apr-18-13 7:43 AM

the white house stated they were disappointed in Hiedi's vote but also commented the thought she would have voted their way if the vote was closer.... don't count your chickens before they're hatched... she is just a party player like those who went before her. i saw this kind of votes time and time again with the 3 stooges.

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Apr-19-13 9:13 PM

How can our nation move forword if Hidey won't get in line as all our Democrat Party people do....and follow the Party leaders? Just how?....

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Apr-20-13 10:33 AM

One campaign promise does not a whole political career make.

How's that sound, subman? :-)

And I also thank Sen. Heitkamp for her recent NO vote.

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Apr-20-13 1:15 PM

Oh i like her vote too.... but... i'm not counting on her doing it again... this time it wasn't needed so she could vote to please her supporters here in ND but when it's crunch time and Harry needs her vote..... then the true Hidey will emerge... until then I'm with holding any praise...

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Apr-20-13 6:40 PM

subman, I agree that we will have to wait to see more of what the senator will do.

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