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World has gone crazy

April 14, 2013

Beverly Medalen, Willow City Our world has gone crazy! We can’t buy 1-liter sodas but now a judge decides 14-year-old girls can get the morning-after pills....

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Apr-14-13 7:39 AM

Welcome to the Hotel California!

You can checkout, but you can never leave.

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Apr-14-13 9:03 AM

What was the matter with the health care system other than being charged for everything you have if you become ill and are hospitalized until you die?

Poor bedside manners never win any supporters.

The letter's contents are very plain to see and read, no need to be so condescending and patronizing.

It is the tyranny of Obamacare that is the most troubling.

A letter written by David Green, the CEO of Hobby Lobby, stating the reasons why Hobby Lobby may close its doors instead of being subjected to the mandates of Obamacare and the tyranny involved with it tells and says it all.

People are living in tunnels in Kansas City. Obamacare is not going to change any of that kind of human condition nor is there going to be any economic recovery.

The Main Stream Media is all propaganda.

It is crazy, nobody can make any sense of it all whatsoever.

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Apr-14-13 9:41 AM

The Cheyenne and Hunkpapa Sioux stopped attacking Reno when they spotted Custer's advancing attack, turned and advanced on Custer. Crazy Horse turned downstream making Custer believe that they were retreating, then circled back and trapped Custer and his men on a ridge. The Cheyenne and Hunkpapa were attacking with arrows and bullets from rifles, a hail of them, and in less than an hour, the greatest victory for the Sioux took place.

Crazy Horse made sure that it was a defeat for Custer.

Custer needed medical attention.

They didn't call them the Fighting Sioux for nothing!

Crazy world back in 1876 too!

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Apr-14-13 9:44 AM

Mules, you left out conspiracy theories too. Don't forget them and throw in blame and indignation. Nope, there is not much for facts in the letter, well actually none.

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Apr-14-13 11:31 AM

I agree with Beverly... good job Beverly thank you for your from the heart words. We need more people like you commenting on here. Don't let all these other political dogs chase you away.. OK.

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Apr-14-13 11:49 AM

Beverly says what she thinks not what other people want her to think. We are free thinking people not weighed down with media propaganda and politics. Most of you are so worried about being politically correct you just repeat the same hogwash over and over, it's amazing any of us even chime in and give you political dogs a chance to work us over.

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Apr-14-13 12:01 PM

Facts? What facts? We don't need no stinkin' facts.

Thomas Jefferson didn't accept the fact that meteorites fell from outer space. He called them 'thunderstones' because he believed that during a thunderstorm could the explanation of the origin of meteorites be found.

Had nothing to do with facts, other than the existence of meteorites.

It was his belief that supported the existence of thunderstones, not facts.

The letter writer can state her opinion without a lot of heavy criticism. Get a real life.

Insurance companies are there to make money, they will make more under Obamacare. Obama doesn't care about your health care, he serves his masters on Wall Street and they all want Obamacare. Wasn't Romneycare about the same template, just an earlier version of Obamacare?

Obama is all Republican when it comes to health care. He knows who butters his bread. He supports the rich, not you.

More laws and more taxes are facts.

Beverly got that right.

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Apr-14-13 1:49 PM

veritas,, hey there big dog don't me or you will be muzzled. I knew it would bother some of you to talk about free thinking and wacko politics. I think you missed that she was being sarcastic while expressing her views. You know if you pour bacon grease on dog poo they will eat their own poo.

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Apr-14-13 1:50 PM

forgot to put the word 'bite' in

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Apr-14-13 2:37 PM

icarly - hit the showers... there's spittle all over your keyboard.

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Apr-14-13 4:06 PM

veritas.. simplistic but effective metaphors seem to bother you. Another one.. have you ever seen a snake attack it's own tail? lol....

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Apr-14-13 5:02 PM

The best thing about all the BS that is flying around in this arena is the heading of the letter... World has gone Crazy... lets rev it up!!

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Apr-14-13 8:44 PM

billgrr, you are a man, unless you want to tell us now that you aren't. According to the liberal view, you "just don't count" when abortion is discussed. So I'd like you to stay out of the abortion debate "until YOU grow a womb."

Just your words, sir, and thanks ever so.

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Apr-14-13 8:48 PM

"Your Republican policies create more abortions than anything we liberals do. Abortions always go down when we are in power."

I just can't wait for billgrr to ignore me about staying out of the abortion debate in order for him to blame Pres. Bush for Dr. Kermit Gosnell's Philadelphia abortion clinic called a "house of horrors" and his ongoing murder trial.

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Apr-14-13 8:49 PM

There is no Republican or Democrat utopia. Accept reality.

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Apr-14-13 8:57 PM

You speak for your wife? Why? Can she not speak for herself?

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Apr-14-13 9:04 PM

"Dr. Kermit Gosnell is a beast who will be dealt justice. He does not represent me anymore than Dick Cheney represents you."

billgrr, I didn't say that Dr. Gosnell "represented" you. I was trying to be sly, which obviously doesn't work well for me.

Republicans, all of them and all their policies, are not responsible for Dr. Gosnell, as his practice was underway during Pres. Bush's terms. That was the point I was trying to make.

If Dr. Gosnell's atrocities had been committed only during Pres. Obama's terms, it wouldn't be right for me to blame all Democrats and all their policies for his failure in practice, would it?

I hope you see what I was getting at.

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Apr-14-13 9:08 PM

billgrr, back to your speaking for your wife, your daughters, and your adult grandchildren.

If there are pro-life, conservative men who speak for or on behalf of their wives, daughters, and grandchildren, those men get shot down by liberal women with the mantra "you don't count because you don't have a womb."

Why is it OK for you, a liberal man, to voice your pro-choice opinion, and it's not OK for a conservative man to voice his pro-life opinion?

Double standard?

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Apr-14-13 9:10 PM

billgrr, I can understand the "internet dirt" sentiment. Really.

You're a nice guy for protecting her.

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Apr-14-13 9:38 PM

"...yet the Republican party deems fit to not pay for a woman's pill."

So is this something that the currently elected Democrats have been successful in changing, if this is the Republican party's fault?

The Senate and President should be able to "do something" about this, right?

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Apr-14-13 10:10 PM

Lots of info about birth control out there: cdc and planned parenthood both online, plus others.

Cost of the pill: $15-50 a month, according to planned parenthood site.

As of Aug. 1, 2012, regulations on private insurers changed so that the government requires "insurance companies to cover key women's preventative health services without co-pays, or other extra charges."

The article (referenced below) also stated that "some religious employers" are being allowed "to refuse to provide insurance coverage for contraception to their employees."

raisingwomensvoices . net/storage/FAQ%20Final%20Version . pdf

I'm surprised you didn't know that the universe had been put right, billgrr. You can relax now.

And please, save the "dear one" thing for someone closer to you, like your wife, your daughters or your grandchildren. I'm "dear one" to somebody else.

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Apr-14-13 10:12 PM

Veritas, see my post to billgrr about birth control. It does seem to provide more equal opportunity than ever.

Referenced website again:

raisingwomensvoices . net/storage/FAQ%20Final%20Version . pdf

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Apr-14-13 11:21 PM

Veritas, I don't know why you didn't find the "equal opportunity" portion of your answer in that pdf. It stated that medicaid already provides contraception. The Aug. 2012 regulations address co-pays for women with insurance coverage, that they won't be required anymore.

As far as researching for the rest of your answers about demographics, I think you can pull yourself together enough to use google as effectively as I could.

Don't stay bummed for too long. It's like animal said on a different article: a person can always find the right stats to prove whatever point he/she wants to. Cheers!

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Apr-15-13 7:38 AM

and if you disagree with anything the new messiah or the libs say, you are instantly labeled a racist. and the MSM plays along. the dumbing down of the US continues, and due to a better than expected breeding rate, ahead of schedule for the libs.

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Apr-15-13 10:38 AM

Veritas, I have a general rule about hypotheticals like your Bette Grande's daughter vs. Sarah Plaintiff example. I don't do hypotheticals. I think principles can be guide enough.

You seem to be waxing philosophic here. Shouldn't your principles be able to help you through this?

Let me know what you come up with on your demographics thing. Until then, enjoy the paler world outside today.

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