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Emotional zealotry

March 31, 2013

Dina Butcher, Bismarck Emotional zealotry trumped good governance on the reproductive rights issues. By not vetoing the bills sent to him, Gov....

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Apr-04-13 4:45 PM

Don't you think four back-to-back posts are pathetic evidence that you have waaaaay too much time on your hands?

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Apr-04-13 11:17 AM

Waiting for the emotional zealot, billgrr, to show up....

tick tock

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Apr-04-13 11:14 AM

Sure, lots of oral tradition goes on down at every town's Chat-n-Chew.

I'll bet Beowulf was a favorite at the Danish version of the Chat-n-Chew way, way back.

Before the written word, it was spoken.


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Apr-04-13 8:29 AM

Do you keep hoping to change screen names? Or do you dust off two different computers?

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Apr-03-13 11:31 AM

"This site has a total of 3 tea party posters -- using 15 different names."

Not this oldie moldie thing again...

Triple dipping YAWNS

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Apr-03-13 11:19 AM

There's a word for someone who writes four posts in a row:


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Apr-02-13 11:26 PM

Donna May is Dusty and Missy and Jacky and most of the other "people" on here.

You were busted months ago. Remember?

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Apr-02-13 9:02 PM

You're on here non-stop -- 24/7. Give it a rest.

Take a walk or something, for God's sake. Go get some fresh air.

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Apr-02-13 6:53 PM


This site has a total of 3 tea party posters -- using 15 different names.

You morons clearly have nothing better to do. Get a life.

If your bizarre, right-wing views were so popular, you wouldn't have to keep making up new names and pretending.

Grow up.

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Apr-02-13 9:48 AM

billgrr, you're a little too emotionally zealous. Take a deep breath. Step away from the coffee pot.

Why do you assume that I didn't check out that story? Because then your schtick would be compromised?

Well, I did check it out and found nothing. Should that make everyone happy? You tell us, billgrr.

I don't take anyone's posts at face value. If I can confirm a story, fine. If I can't, well...

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Apr-01-13 7:13 PM

billgrr, did I say the links were there to hurt your case? No.

You stated: "Did you know that Obama's trip to India cost us 200 million dollars a day? Michelle Bachmann said so it must be true."

Who says anyone has to believe any politician? I don't, and there are others like me.

The trip to India happened in 2010, almost 2-1/2 years ago. Do you have a more recent gripe to air?

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Apr-01-13 6:38 PM

Just for you, so you can keep up, billgrr...

Here's a couple of links for Pres. Obama's India trip, the one he and Mrs. Obama took in (NOTE) Nov. 2010.

dailymail . co . uk/news/article-1326962/Obamas-India-visit-security-erect-bomb-proof-tunnel-Gandhi-museum

content . usatoday . com/communities/theoval/post/2010/11/obamas-india-trip----not-as-expensive-as-you-may-have-heard/1

I can't believe it, but I'm citing wikipedia, which had a presidential trip list up through 2013.

en . wikipedia . org/wiki/List_of_presidential_trips_made_by_Barack_Obama#2013

From someone who enjoys good ND walleye, you should use better bait next time you go fishing...

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Apr-01-13 4:33 PM

Maybe we'll call this the "manning up" moment.

Oh, can't you just feel the warm & fuzzies?

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Apr-01-13 10:47 AM

billdoesnt, I appreciate this point of yours about mens' irresponsibility, because we all know it takes two to tango. Even in IVF, there has to be a contribution by both male and female.

I remember a certain post by a girl lib that included your very point...

STAND UP FOR WOMEN IN ND!!!! And yes, guys, this involves you too...because if you won't STAND UP for your woman...guess how many babies your going to have to feed when the GOVERNMENT denies us birth control!!!!

(Now if that doesn't qualify as emotional zealotry, I don't know what does.)

I have ZERO respect for any man that wants to have his "fun" with no regard for the consequences that can and do happen. Again, I appreciate you calling men to account on this, while showing mercy to the defenseless. Good on ya!

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Apr-01-13 9:31 AM

If you don't get it, then you would know that you will deal with Satan for violating God's basic rules. Judge not, lest ye be judged!

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Apr-01-13 6:17 AM

Thank You Dina.

Also MDN. -that is First time I have said that about MDN - However I am an infrequent reader so may have been more like this and I missed it -

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Mar-31-13 9:05 PM

So if then-candidate Obama would have been for SSM instead of being against it, then we would have been able to respect his honesty?

All this brouhaha over a baby's right to live after his/her heartbeat has been detected...

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Mar-31-13 5:27 PM

@NoTea4Me, Really getting tired of the "it's my body" mantra. #1). It's not your heartbeat that stops. #2). If it is truly your body then you should be able to go turn tricks at the nearest street corner without repercussion, no? #3). This country was based on Christian ideals, like it or not.

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Mar-31-13 3:12 PM

I was wondering when God put you guys in charge of Judgments. God stated many times that he will deal harshly with the hypocrite and you guys fit the bill. Good luck crossing over and going down.... I would bet that you rule your wives with an iron hand, just like it should be--right, puke.

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Mar-31-13 11:55 AM

WA, retro abortion would certainly come in handy for folks like you. You get to live but, you say no to others? Who are you to say a baby is not worth living?

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Mar-31-13 11:28 AM

ND just took a giant step backwards a 100 years!

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Mar-31-13 8:11 AM

Dina, I think you need to rethink your conservative position, are you really one or are you just pretending... All the other arguments on spending etc. you and the Dems come up with are mostly the same the Dems came up with back in the 1800's when the Repubs stood up against slavery. Some issues need to be addressed in spite of the consquences and the abortion issue was addressed in such a manner. Now we have to have the guts to defend it because life is sacred not something to be left to the choice of some misguided woman who is under pressure to kill it by some over zealous abortionist.

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