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Sequester cuts and the view

March 26, 2013

The dreaded budget sequester has apparently struck North Dakota again....

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Mar-28-13 4:12 PM

Strict work ethic, DustOff, strict work ethic.

Roseanne Barr used to say something like this, back in the day when she was funny...

My husband asked me to pass him the potato chips. I told him to reach under the couch cushion and get 'em himself.


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Mar-28-13 1:57 PM

I only go to the the North Unit, not the park. Ride horses or walk the trails for free.

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Mar-28-13 11:55 AM

DustOff, google is a wonderful thing.

And a "strict work ethic" is the German I know.


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Mar-28-13 9:53 AM

Well, you KNOW what I was going to say, but I was cut we go

C'est la vie 2013

and have a good day

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Mar-28-13 9:53 AM

Thanks for a decent reply, Veritas.

"Within the list of (gov't) entrenched (hundreds) subsidies you specifically target the social programs...Why?"

You asked: "...tell me if capital welfare is more justifiable somehow than social welfare."

We don't live in a All vs. None world. My wise older bro told me when I was 11: "it's not all black & white!" I do have a set of ideals, and I try to see them implemented, as you say you are (ex: asking for your tax monies to be distributed to whom you think fit).

But I'm a realist. Gov't entrenchment at all economic levels, business and personal, will never end, now that it's grown to be what it is. Gov't IS Big Business, with regulatory powers and deep pockets to boot.

Veritas, you're a responsible US citizen, calling your state/nat'l reps & giving your opinion. We've still freedom to do that, plus vote, unless that changes. A look at history doesn't favor freedom over tyranny sadly.

C'est la vi

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Mar-27-13 2:31 PM

Veritas, I've said before that I favor no subsidies. But as gov't is very firmly entrenched in the ways and means of the economy, my viewpoint is moot indeed. I like the sequester for its cuts.

And I've posted that medicaid, SNAP, LIHEAP, etc., should be available, to help those facing tough circumstances, like sickness, in between jobs, the list can go on.

But ideally, any social safety net should be temporary, not a lifestyle choice. And I do know some that have made receiving gov't aid their lifestyle, rather than working a job.

When I was raised, it was considered honorable and worthwhile to work hard to make one's own living. Perhaps some in the younger generations aren't being taught a strict work ethic like I was.

Thanks for picking on me just a little. I'll return the favor as I can.

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Mar-27-13 12:39 PM

centerish, thank you for your post clarifying SS.

Sorry, I just don't have faith that it will "go another twenty years but with some small adjustments it is viable even longer." I'm a little cynical about the whole SS issue.

But your opinion doesn't hurt my feelings or alter my "non-retirement" stance. C'est la vie.

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Mar-27-13 10:51 AM

First of all, loco, SS is an independent area that is not included in the deficit. But, you wingers listen to the fake network garbage. If nothing was done, it would go another twenty years but with some small adjustments it is viable even longer. As to extending the age, I don't believe that is a viable solution. Those doing physical labor, on their feet all their lives, basically are wore out when they reach 60. They would struggle with an extension. They need to raise the caps on contributions to 200K. That would make a huge difference. But, rant on. Look at Dusty... Fourty percent of the posts on this blog are his and the only factual item he has put forth is that we are helping the refugees in Jordan. He would rather subsidize big oil and other major corporations than help humanity. Must have learned that from his tour of duty.

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Mar-27-13 10:10 AM

"Time for the Revolution!"

Comrade Veritas, you said "I say we cut them off right now" not me.

I'm fully aware, as are others in my generation, that SS won't be there in a few short years. That's why I'm not retiring. Simple. C'est la vie. I just grin & bear it while it's taken from the check. One of the many "sacrifices" I make for my country. (No, not really sarcastic)

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Mar-27-13 7:04 AM

Krugman. Isn't that the Trillion Dollar Coin Man?

krugman . blogs . nytimes . com/2013/01/07/be-ready-to-mint-that-coin/

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Mar-27-13 7:01 AM

I think DustOff adequately addressed your query on SS recipients, Veritas. Maybe not to the satisfaction of everyone...

Your willingness to cut the elderly off is not-so-heartening, I must say. What happened to the lefty compassion I've heard so much about?

BTW, I'm not retiring. Ever. C'est la vie.

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Mar-26-13 7:24 PM

There is nothing worse than reading the comments of uneducated dimwits (aka republicans). Want to blame someone for the sequester; if you voted for idiots like Hoven and Crammer, Berg; look in a mirror and point your finger. Those of you who think the sequester is good; god to hades. Because of the you children will go without food; some families will lose their homes; and the list goes on and on! Republicans are heartless rotten people!

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Mar-26-13 3:55 PM

Wow, such great poetry. Well, maybe we should throw in a direct quote about the sequester agreement from none other than John Boehnor: Quote-"I got 98% of what I wanted in the sequester bill." So, after stalling all the bills, putting the credit of the nation in jeopardy, and voting some 38 times to repeal the health care bill, Mr. Boehnor got what he wanted. The sequester on 98% of his terms. Not liberal words, but Your own leaders words.

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Mar-26-13 11:22 AM

DustOff, you're a poet, do you know it? __________

~A View from the Sequester~

Close the potty

but close the purse

when it comes to

Islamic countries first _____________

Not quite Shakespeare, but it'll do.


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Mar-26-13 10:51 AM

Obamacare in 20 thousand pages and is nothing more than the biggest money grab from the Great Unwashed ever known to man.

The young will be serfs, broke with no hope whatsoever.

Obama is the savior, er, make that the idiot who has never made a dime on his own and always looking for someone else's money to pay for it all.

His brain is devoid of anything practical, sensible or even remotely rational.

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Mar-26-13 10:49 AM

Hope and Change

Nice change at the visitors center, thank you very much, Obummer.

The only hope there is is no hope.

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Mar-26-13 9:51 AM

I'm agreed that private business would be better in this case than relying on the federal gov't.

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Mar-26-13 9:49 AM

"...whining about the consequences of policies they supported in the first place."

Further implementation of Obamacare, anyone?

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