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Climate change?

March 24, 2013

Sharon E. Buhr, Valley City A resolution was introduced in the Senate (SCR4024) which directed “the Legislature to study the effects of climate change on this state....

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Mar-24-13 8:36 AM

Sharon could you give us names and data from the time they recorded this information 10,000 years ago?

I would like to know who was doing the record keeping and just what method they used. Also are these records on display for the public to see?

Or are the numbers really just made up by some mad scientist?

Do you remember back in the 1970s when everyone was claiming we were going into an ice age?

Global cooling was a conjecture during the 1970s of imminent cooling of the Earth's surface and atmosphere along with a posited commencement of glaciation. This information gained temporary popular attention due to a combination of a slight downward trend of temperatures from the 1940s to the early 1970s and press reports of ice age cycles.

Just another scare tactic so people like Gore can increase their wealth and whats funny is the amount of people that fall for this BS.

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Mar-24-13 10:09 AM

Obviously, facts mean nothing to close minded people like the right wing. Global warming is certainly here and there is tons of data on the net from many different sources. Unfortunately, you righty's have swallowed the diatribe of your so called leaders and regurgitate your humorous though misguided views. Maybe you should present your scientific data to refute this. Or, maybe you have little or no data?

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Mar-24-13 7:25 PM

If, as centerish has stated, there's "tons of data on the net," how can ND's "contribution" by way of yet another study improve upon what's already there?

And if there's been data compiled, there's also been data compromised, by those who are already believers. Is that information is on the net too?

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Mar-24-13 8:24 PM

I do find it amusing that one side is always worried about their great grand children having to take care of our massive debt.....while the other side is worried about their great grand children's environment....

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Mar-24-13 8:38 PM

What I find really interesting is all the Young brain children on their blogs that have lived about one third of the time on this earth as I have and how they Know it all!!!

Do any of you remember the winter of 48 & 49 in North Dakota? End of the world for sure.. 15 feet on snow on the level plains,many of us never went to town for over 3 months.. my gosh then spring came, the snow melted and life went on.. Just a memory.. Just like the ice age of 1970, just a gossip piece, now we have the Too warm people.. More BS from the running scared group. The people that are afraid of guns, afraid of warm weather, but not afraid to kill their young before they are born..

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Mar-24-13 8:45 PM

Bloggers.. Tired of Being Hassled by Your Parents? ACT NOW. Move Out, Get a Job, Pay Your Own Bills . . . While You Still Know EVERYTHING!

Time to leave Mommies basement now and actually go out side and see if the weather is going to bake your brain. I truly think some folks with the global warming have had a fire stick in their mouth or up their nose that leaked into their brain..

When you kids grow up you can look back at how stupid you were.. Sorta like Y2K and the great hoopla you all got your tails in a twist over..

Fools nothing but fools!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mar-24-13 8:46 PM

Yes Kneeawn and the 3rd party that kills their kids before they are born so they won't have to worry about anything right?

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Mar-25-13 7:40 AM

Wasting energy with the flares is not good but studying climate change would be somewhat like studying paint drying. The paint will dry the climate will change, thank you God.

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Mar-25-13 10:45 AM

Yes EB the climate change is sorta like the weather.. Every day they can perdict but 50% of the time they are wrong.. God controls the weather/climate change not Gore or Obama or the Deadmocrats..

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Mar-25-13 2:18 PM

Now c'mon, billgrr. You can't in one post say there is no God and then in the next say there is, even if you think the points you're making are clever. Consistency, sir.

That smelling dead elephants thing? Sure, that's funny. But the braying donkey thing? After more than two minutes, it's insufferable. Trust me on this.

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Mar-25-13 3:42 PM

No Bill we all think you control the weather becasue we keep getting a nose full of stink!

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Mar-25-13 8:56 PM

billgrr, I don't work in retail.

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Mar-25-13 9:45 PM

Man that global warming sure felt good about noon today when the temperature finally warmed up..

Thanks God for global warming..or at least for the rise in the temperature..

I think the northeast was hoping for a Gore miracle this week too as their temps dropped and the snow came in..

That darn global warming keeps making it snow.. Oh wait we cannot say Global warming any more its now climate change?? No shish.. To all the deadbeat globalise warmers its called seasons.. Funny many of us have lived many seasons and we know all about the changes and the ups and the downs.. Its just the Dumbocrats and their ability to do research..

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Mar-25-13 10:15 PM

Good article. If they don't care about natural gas flaring (not legal in Texas)or the severe defacing of western ND; why would they care about climate change. We are witnessing the power and greed from money--and how environmentalists are made.

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Mar-27-13 12:26 PM

Obviously, dusty, you have no clue of what global warming actually is and what are some of the changes that indicate global warming.

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Mar-28-13 9:41 AM

I feel I just worry too much...wondering all day what the temperature should be today....and then it starts all over again tomorrow...

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Mar-28-13 10:35 AM

Poor Jack.

You need a tall cool glass of koolaid to calm you down...

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Mar-28-13 2:18 PM

loco, if that is a glass of koolaid, cooled by global warming...I'm game...

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Mar-28-13 4:17 PM

Right about now, late March in ND, global warming is not what people are "feeling," is it?

What? Subzero temps two mornings this week? Crazeee...

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