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Aid Jordan on the front lines

February 10, 2015 Islamic State terrorists have beheaded Christian children, buried prisoners alive and crucified people, often videotaping their atrocities and sharing them with the worl. more »»

A fine romance: online daters hire private eyes

February 10, 2015 She was a lawyer, noisy but nice. He was a Marine, quiet and even nicer. more »»

Borrowed valor

February 10, 2015 Let me see if I understand this: Chris Kyle was not a hero, but Brian Williams was? What do we make of Williams’ attempt to snatch some vicarious honor? The response to “American Sniper” should no... more »»

Education is the business of the states

February 10, 2015 WASHINGTON — In 1981, Tennessee’s 41-year-old governor proposed to President Ronald Reagan a swap: Washington would fully fund Medicaid and the states would have complete responsibility for... more »»

Restrict nicotine products

February 9, 2015 The 2015 North Dakota Legislature is in a position to do the state and a lot of its citizens a lot of good. Legislators should pass House Bill 1265. more »»

The real civics test for raising good citizens

February 9, 2015 March “Dad, I heard the cops picked you up again for driving tipsy?” “Those stupid cops are just out to hassle the taxpayers for no good reason” “Did they find out that you were driving without a... more »»


February 9, 2015 Politicians and lawyers pretend that they are important people doing important work. But often they’re important because they are parasites. more »»

Whose job is it to kill ISIS?

February 9, 2015 Seeing clips of that 22-minute video of the immolation of the Jordanian pilot, one wonders: Who would be drawn to the cause of these barbarians who perpetrated such an atrocity? While the video... more »»

Rec center an ambitious idea, for sure

February 8, 2015 Over the last week or two, the Minot Park District has announced an ambitious plan to build an indoor recreation center in Mino. more »»

Welcome to my Twitterverse

February 8, 2015 I am probably 10 years late, but last week I finally opened a Twitter account and began tweeting. more »»

The rape of Ukraine

February 8, 2015 In his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama touted his Ukraine strategy as a demonstration of “the power of American strength and diplomacy. more »»

The vanilla power of Republican Scott Walker

February 8, 2015 Vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavor in America, not because it is the best (that would be coffee) but because it is the least objectionable. more »»

Obama, the very worst deficit president

February 8, 2015 The press has barely noticed that President Obama has offered a new federal budget. Even in its paucity was a slant to be foun. more »»

Commission just fine with three

February 7, 2015 Another bad idea is before the North Dakota Legislature. Rep. more »»

What would Reagan do?

February 7, 2015 Eight days after being inaugurated as the 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan signed an executive order eliminating price controls on crude oil and petroleum products implemented to... more »»

The GOP’s Orrin Hatch problem

February 7, 2015 Did the 2014 midterms really happen? Less than three months after a red tide rolled over the country, the Senate Republican Rollover Caucus is back to its default position in Washington, D.C. more »»

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

February 7, 2015 New Jersey Gov. more »»

Trinity handles flu fight well

February 6, 2015 Trinity Health is to be commended for the manner in which it handled visitation at the height of the ongoing flu season. more »»

Obama’s speech defects

February 6, 2015 As a young Illinois state senator at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, he delivered a memorable keynote address, which, almost overnight, vaulted him into presidential consideratio. more »»

Seeking a vaccine for ignorance

February 6, 2015 WASHINGTON — Flashback: Galileo is under house arrest pondering the unyielding ignorance of The Church for refusing to consider his heliocentric proposition that the Earth circled the sun. more »»



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