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Purging America’s heroes

September 20, 2015 With that kumbayah moment at the Capitol in South Carolina, when the Battle Flag of the Confederacy was lowered forever to the cheers and tears of all, a purgation of the detestable relics of evil... more »»

The media’s weird Iran ‘victory’ bandwagon

September 20, 2015 On Sept. 11, The New York Times demonstrated once again the media’s peculiar sense of patriotism. The 9/11 attacks were not remembered at all on the front page. more »»

Another meaningless warning

September 19, 2015 Ho-hum. Another day, another meaningless warning from the American presiden. more »»

Biden being Biden

September 19, 2015 While Hillary Clinton’s team of consultants is locked in a room somewhere trying to figure out how she can project authenticity, Joe Biden is out doing it. more »»

Is Joe Biden really the answer to Democrats’ problems?

September 19, 2015 The wheels haven’t come off Hillary Rodham Clinton’s bus quite yet, but they’re getting wobblier. Hence the Joe Biden boomlet. more »»

Fairy tales in paradise

September 19, 2015 WASHINGTON — Once upon a time in a twinkling city on a hill, little boys and girls were taught that anyone could grow up to become presiden. more »»

Terrorism trumping politics

September 18, 2015 About half the detainees still at the Guantanamo Bay prison for terrorists pose no threat, the White House insists. more »»

Correcting the record

September 18, 2015 William McGurn is a columnist for The Wall Street Journal who, according to his company bio, “writes speeches for CEO Rupert Murdoch. more »»

Hollywood lib Damon’s ‘diversity’ drama

September 18, 2015 Oh, this is schadenfreude-licious. Outspoken celebrity Democratic activist/donor Matt Damon opened his mouth and let the truth about the left’s superficial commitment to “diversity” slip out. more »»

A mission to reform lives behind bars

September 18, 2015 CLEVELAND — About a mile from where the Cleveland Indians test their fans’ patience, there is a facility that expresses Ohio’s attempt to temper justice with patience. more »»

IAEA: the real deal breaker?

September 17, 2015 Especially when arms control treaties are involved, the devil really is in the details. There are plenty of them in President Barack Obama’s proposed deal over Iran’s development of nuclear weapon. more »»

State government defies ‘A’ personalities

September 17, 2015 With the retirement of Governor Jack Dalrymple, the partisans are trolling for a standard bearer, even though we are no longer sure what standard to bear with guys like Bernie Sanders and Donald... more »»

Cretins and squirrel heads

September 17, 2015 WASHINGTON — Some in the media were quick to dismiss Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s speech attacking Donald Trump as the opportunistic rant of a 1 percenter. more »»

America’s reckless refuge for jihad

September 17, 2015 On the anniversary week of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, President Obama is rolling out the welcome mat to tens of thousands of Syrian Muslim refugees. more »»

Have we forgotten so quickly

September 16, 2015 Fourteen years ago, Americans were brutally shocked out of our complacency regarding Islamic terrorism when organized murderers used aircraft in a massive attack on us. more »»

Hillary Clinton comes clean

September 16, 2015 In an ABC News interview, Hillary Clinton apologized for using a private email while secretary of state, a notable departure after months of not letting the slightest crack show in her steadfast... more »»

The biggest problem with Heitkamp’s Iran vote was the hypocrisy

September 16, 2015 Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s position in the Iran deal may end up being a big deal for her political career. A big deal on a number of fronts. more »»

Kim Davis vs. judicial tyranny

September 16, 2015 “If the law supposes that, the law is a ass — a idiot.” Charles Dickens gave that line to Mr. Bumble in “Oliver Twist. more »»

When will Hillary ‘stop and think’

September 15, 2015 Her handling of email communications while she was secretary of state was not the “best choice,” Hillary Clinton has admitted. more »»

Jeb accuses Trump of being a New Yorker

September 15, 2015 Jeb Bush complains that the political media have not treated Donald Trump as a serious candidate. more »»



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