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Defeatism in Baltimore

May 5, 2015 Using the most bloodless terms, an economist explained the failure or inability of so many African-Americans to rise from their impoverished circumstances. more »»

Fear of free speech

May 5, 2015 WASHINGTON — True words are often said in jest, it has long been said. But a harsher idiom has been taking shape in recent years: Jest is becoming the only way to express truth. more »»

The Lusitania’s role in history

May 5, 2015 WASHINGTON — Owning a fragment of history — a Gettysburg bullet, a Coolidge campaign button — is fun, so in 1968 Gregg Bemis became an owner of the Lusitania. more »»

Making the wrong statement

May 4, 2015 When Florida mailman Douglas Hughes flew his tiny gyrocopter onto the U.S. Capitol grounds a couple of weeks ago, he did more than make a statement on the need for political campaign finance refor. more »»

The ‘upgrading’ of Bruce Jenner

May 4, 2015 The last year could be described as The Year of Transgender Propaganda. more »»

The reality of what creates jobs

May 4, 2015 I took a camera to Times Square this week and asked people, “What creates jobs?” Most had no answer. more »»

Hillary blames the cops

May 4, 2015 Had Freddie Gray been robbed, beaten and left to die in the streets of his Baltimore neighborhood, no one would be mourning him today. No one would be marching for Freddie. more »»

Not a good example of leadership

May 3, 2015 The North Dakota Legislature adjourned Wednesday, ending the legislative session with two days to spare. more »»

Keep government out of parenting

May 3, 2015 Last week, a story broke about a pre-school child who came home from school with part of her lunch in her lunchbox and a note from the teache. more »»

Puzzling testimony from MHA chairman on oil taxes

May 3, 2015 I was stunned watching Tribal Chairman Mark Fox of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation testify in opposition House Bill 147. more »»

The need for high alert real

May 2, 2015 The notion of taking U.S. nuclear forces off high alert is misguided and needs to be quashed. A former commander of U.S. more »»

Another signpost on the road to destruction

May 2, 2015 When future historians analyze the decline of America they need look no further than the trivialities increasingly occupying our time and concerns instead of substantive matters seriously threatenin... more »»

Liberals do themselves no favor by denying their ideology

May 2, 2015 For the last 20 years, give or take another 50, one of the most cherished baubles of Beltway conventional wisdom has been that the Republican Party has moved too far to the right. more »»

Debunking Obama’s bilious Baltimore babble

May 2, 2015 It’s never enough. American taxpayers have surrendered billions and billions and billions of dollars to the social-justice-spender-in-chief. But it’s never, ever enough. more »»

Great year to visit Minot parks

May 1, 2015 Minot’s Roosevelt Park Zoo is set to reopen for the season Saturday, and even minus the friendly and oh-so-adorable penguins, there is a lot of anticipation building up in the Magic City for the big... more »»

A brother’s death

May 1, 2015 Tom Shields, my big brother, lived a long and good life. more »»

California’s water problem

May 1, 2015 Californians are experiencing their third year of drought. Headlines read: “Current California Drought Is Driest In State’s History; Scientists Fear ‘Megadroughts’ On Their Way. more »»

The tyranny of one man’s opinion

May 1, 2015 Thomas Cromwell was the principal behind-the-scenes fixer for much of the reign of King Henry VIII. more »»

What if no one speaks up?

April 30, 2015 For seven years, now, President Barack Obama has annually broken a promise. more »»

Are lieutenant governors coming or going?

April 30, 2015 Sometimes subjects are best left undiscussed. Elaboration leads to embarrassment. This has always been the case with the office of lieutenant governor. more »»



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