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Attempts becoming transparent

August 13, 2015 If it was not obvious previously that President Barack Obama’s administration has been attempting to protect Democrat candidate for president Hillary Clinton, it became very clear last week. more »»

GOP’s Trump problem will fade, but Democrats’ Bernie Sanders troubles are just beginning

August 13, 2015 “We are trying to be reasonable,” an organizer for Bernie Sanders’ Seattle rally said. The black female protesters who stormed the stage became enraged. “We aren’t reasonable!” they shouted bac. more »»

The meaning of Trump

August 13, 2015 WASHINGTON — It is perhaps time to stop wondering what The Donald’s got that the others ain’t go. more »»

No means no: Keep Gitmo jihadists out of USA

August 13, 2015 Get off that late-summer snooze button, America. The Obama administration is plotting to break a major promise made under oath — and jeopardize our nation in the name of social justice. more »»

Schumer’s fortitude under fire

August 12, 2015 U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., has been a staunch supporter of President Barack Obama on most matters. more »»

Let’s get more teachers by cutting through red tape

August 12, 2015 North Dakota has a teaching shortage, and state Superintendent Kirsten Baesler thinks we can address it by slashing through some of the red tape surrounding the process by which one becomes a teacher. more »»

Debatable ‘debate’

August 12, 2015 The so-called “debates,” among too many Republicans to have a debate, are yet another painful sign of how much words and ideas have degenerated in our times. more »»

Obama v. Bibi: Fight to the finish

August 12, 2015 In his desperation to sink the Iran nuclear deal, Bibi Netanyahu is taking a hellish gamble. more »»

Bombs the lesser of evils

August 11, 2015 No human being with an ounce of compassion in his or her soul would deny that what happened 70 years ago this week — the only hostile use of atomic bombs in history — was a horrible event. more »»

Missing Richard Nixon

August 11, 2015 John P. Sears, before he was manager of Ronald Reagan’s 1976 and 1980 presidential campaigns, had spent the years from 1965 through 1970 working as a top political aide to Richard M. Nixo. more »»

Making a good first impression

August 11, 2015 CLEVELAND — Not to diminish the importance of the first Republican debate, but it felt like the first in a political survivor series. more »»

When history books make history

August 11, 2015 WASHINGTON — History books can be historic events, making history by ending important arguments. more »»


August 10, 2015 White House political aides are doing an excellent job of fear-mongering to convince members of Congress to support the proposed nuclear arms deal with Iran. more »»

Ethical hunters shocked by Cecil story

August 10, 2015 BOZEMAN, Mont. — That picture of Cecil the lion’s corpse and the American dentist posing triumphantly over it was ghastly. more »»

Gun lies

August 10, 2015 My town, New York City, enforces rigid gun laws. Police refused to assign me a gun permit. The law doesn’t even let me hold a fake gun on TV to demonstrate something. more »»

The Iran deal is the new Obamacare

August 10, 2015 We’ve been here before. Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes said a while ago that an Iran deal would be the health-care bill of President Barack Obama’s second term, and he was righ. more »»

Bait, switch

August 9, 2015 During the past couple of years, Americans worried about how they will pay their electric bills in the future have had one consolation: natural gas. more »»

Fighting climate change for real

August 9, 2015 Time to drop this “war on coal” talk. Time to ignore the hollering by coal country politicians over President Obama’s beefed-up plan to combat global warmin. more »»

Drug cartels’ ‘vocabulary of mutilation’

August 9, 2015 WASHINGTON — Don Winslow, novelist and conscientious objector to America’s longest “war,” was skeptical when he was in Washington on a recent Sunday morning. more »»

The plot to destroy Nixon

August 9, 2015 In his new biography “Being Nixon: A Man Divided,” Evan Thomas concedes a point. Richard Nixon, he writes, “was not paranoid; the press and the ‘Georgetown set’ really were out to get him. more »»



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