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Weeds could cause an accident

July 26, 2015 I don’t know who is responsible for weed control along the north side of the Cash Wise parking lot, but the weeds need to be cut. They are so high that they block a departing driver’s vision. more »»

What was Fair called before?

July 26, 2015 I am sure there has been a fair in Minot for more than 50 year. more »»

Exporting crude a bad idea

July 26, 2015 There has been a lot of advertising lately by the oil industry promoting lifting the ban on exporting American crude oil. more »»

Support funding request

July 26, 2015 Completion of the two parking structures in Downtown Minot must be a priority for our community leader. more »»

Separating Christian values

July 26, 2015 As a Christian mental health therapist, I so agree in the letter to the editor by Norma Hill regarding her quote from the Bible passage by Romans 15:7: “Christ accepted you, so you should accept eac... more »»

Setting the record straight

July 19, 2015 A letter from Andy Peterson, president/CEO of the Greater North Dakota Chamber of Commerce, (“Chamber will continue to advocate for members,” appearing in The Minot Daily News July 12, 2015)... more »»

Longfellow Pledge a lesson in history

July 19, 2015 In a recent letter to the editor, a claim was made that Minot Public Schools had removed “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance. more »»

What’s in a name?

July 19, 2015 In UND’s name-selection process, an anti-Roughriders movement is afoot. more »»

Inspiring message

July 19, 2015 Advice to young people and cancer survivors: Never give up! Never give up! Don’t be a quitter for you only defeat yourself. more »»

Clergy should read the Bible

July 19, 2015 To any clergy that may be having a hard time accepting the Supreme Court’s ruling on same sex marriage. Do you as clergy read the Bible? Try Ro. more »»

What’s in the building counts

July 19, 2015 It is interesting to learn Trinity is going to build a new building for a new hospital. What that will accomplish remains to be seen. more »»

Conflict of interest prevails

July 12, 2015 The legal residents of the city of Minot elect a city council of four aldermen and a mayor to “do the people’s business. more »»

Tobacco prevention benefits all

July 12, 2015 If you have not read the June 30, 2015 New York Times article titled, “U.S. Chamber of Commerce Works Globally to Fight Antismoking Measures,” please do s. more »»

Chamber will continue to advocate for members

July 12, 2015 Recently the Tobacco Free Coalition — under the signature of Eric Johnson — opined that the Greater North Dakota Chamber opposed tobacco prevention efforts by opposing a massive tobacco tax increase... more »»

Time to get rid of the panhandlers

July 12, 2015 Let’s talk about panhandling in the city of Minot. more »»

Radicals desperately need forgiveness

July 12, 2015 I read an article today that talked about ISIS crucifying their own children who were not doing the Ramadan fasting correctl. more »»

Time to do away with the Magic Fund

July 5, 2015 Let’s talk about the Magic Fund. Why in the sam hill do we still have it? It doesn’t get paid back the money that was ever owed. We have enough economic growth in this city. more »»

Increased persecution of Christians

July 5, 2015 This past week denotes a sad time in the history of America. more »»

Don’t tamper with Pledge of Allegiance

July 5, 2015 I visited the new Longfellow Elementary School this week. I was picking up my grandson from a wonderful specialty class the Minot Public Schools had offered. more »»

Don’t worry about effect on your religion

July 5, 2015 With the case of Obergefell v. Hodges the Supreme Court reaffirmed the United State’s motto of E Pluribus Unum (out of many, one). The History of the United States is marked with many blemishes. more »»



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