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Our supreme leader is inept

February 15, 2015 One of these days the United States is going to be hit by terrorists. In the world we live in today that prediction is a self-fulfilling prophecy as it will happen. more »»

Indoor rec center is a great idea

February 15, 2015 Thank you very much for the article on the indoor recreation center in Minot, planned by the Minot Park District, on the front page of The Minot Daily News. more »»

Hold oil companies responsible

February 15, 2015 We are appalled by the response of the state in finding radioactive socks in Noonan. Raising the levels accepted 10 times the prior amount and keeping it all in the state — that is outrageous. more »»

No more Common Core in ND

February 15, 2015 Some Common Sense is needed in looking at Common Core: Did we not learn, with ‘No child left behind’, that Federal control of our schools is a disaster? If control of our schools is seceded to the... more »»

Sound vaccination information

February 15, 2015 This is written in response to a Jan. 1, 2015, front-page article entitled, “Ounce of Prevention: Vaccinations are still shown to be proven effective. more »»

No changes before enforcement

February 15, 2015 As a native of North Dakota, I am very concerned in regards to the spills that have occurred in the oil patch. more »»

Paying property taxes isn’t fair

February 15, 2015 Senate Bill 2373: My brother and sisters inherited minerals from our Mom who inherited them from her Dad. Our uncle inherited the land, farmed it then sold the land without her share of the mineral. more »»

It didn’t have to be this way

February 15, 2015 A number of years ago I was director of the Legislative Council and we had an interim study of the structure of higher education. more »»

Call the organization what it is

February 15, 2015 After listening to the late night news last night about the Garrison Ag Show, I decided it was time to educate the media and public about a change that happened in 1988. more »»

Keep e-vapor products out of kids’ hands

February 15, 2015 House Bill 1265 would require e-vapor products, commonly referred to as e-cigarettes, to be sold only to adults 18 years of age and above, an important goal that we should all agree on. more »»

Support for the Senate’s ‘Surge Bill’

February 8, 2015 We’ve made a lot of progress in Watford City and McKenzie County. New roads, especially the bypass, and developments have brought businesses, homes, and most importantly families to our are. more »»

They can’t say that 50 is safer than 5

February 8, 2015 The North Dakota Department of Health’s mission statement is to protect the health of people and environment. more »»

Nobody gives Minot’s people a tax break

February 8, 2015 Who is kidding who here? Why are we worried about a recreation center to be built when we need a jail in this county? What is the matter with the people who are in charge of this? We should be... more »»

Supporting Legislature’s CARE Act

February 8, 2015 I am writing to support the CARE Act that has been introduced in the North Dakota Legislature as House Bill 1279. more »»

Raise the tobacco tax for the people

February 8, 2015 It is time for North Dakota to raise the tobacco tax. I know firsthand that raising the price is an effective way to help people quit smoking. more »»

E-cigarettes should be age-restricted

February 8, 2015 The law is often slow to keep up with technology, and that appears to be the case with electronic vapor (e-vapor) products, commonly referred to as e-cigarette. more »»

Wildlife funds desperately needed in ND

February 8, 2015 Despite the defeat of Measure 5, conservation funding remains a priority as evidenced by Gov. Dalrymple’s leadership in supporting the Outdoor Heritage Fund. more »»

Facts about radioactive materials

February 1, 2015 Let’s bring the debate on new NORM regulations back to scientific reality. (NORM stands for naturally-occurring radioactive material. more »»

Investigations need to be improved

February 1, 2015 In recent protests and violence regarding the deaths of black individuals at the hands of police officers, the cases were referred to a grand jury. The proceeding is a closed-door event. more »»

Obama not to thank, blame for gas prices

February 1, 2015 In recent years, it has become fashionable to ascribe credit — or blame, depending on the event — to certain political figures for things they have little or nothing to do with and certainly don’t... more »»



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