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September 6, 2011 Burlington-Des Lacs Elementary Monday: Hamburger patty on a bun, corn, baked beans, fresh fruit. Tuesday: Tater tot hotdish, salad bar, tortilla chips and salsa, tropical fruit, mandarin oranges. more »»

Make your own bacon

August 31, 2011 Home-cured bacon? Sounds like one of those things the average person wouldn’t attempt in a million years. more »»

Indulge in braised pork belly

August 31, 2011 Want something special this Labor Day that goes beyond the backyard grill? Try something new and truly over-the-top with a cut of pork most people never consider – the belly. more »»

FOOD on a DEADLINE: A winning combination

August 31, 2011 The same combination that makes pizza so irresistible – mozzarella and tomatoes – also makes a mean salad. more »»

Do-it-yourself potato chips

August 31, 2011 From spicy new flavorings to premium ingredients, potato chips are cashing in on a whole new image these day. more »»

Ice cream with pronounceable ingredients

August 31, 2011 The term low-fat ice cream is somewhat of an oxymoron. After all, it’s in large part the butterfat in cream and whole milk that gives the frozen treat its luxurious texture and tast. more »»


August 30, 2011 Burlington-Des Lacs Elementary Tuesday: Chili crispito, salad bar, pears and mandarin oranges, tortilla chips and salsa. more »»

Tall tales told of tomatoes

August 17, 2011 Any way you slice it, the tomato is one confusing comestible. There’s the whole identity crisis thing – is it a fruit or a vegetable? And don’t get us started on the tuh-MAY-to, tuh-MAH-to thing. more »»

Tabbouleh on the table

August 17, 2011 When in doubt, add whole grains. Or even better, start with them. As in this trio of naturally healthy tabboulehs. more »»

FOOD on a DEADLINE: Capers add delicious spark to tapenade wrap

August 17, 2011 When you need to jam a lot of flavor into a simple dish, reach for an umami bomb. That is, foods that are jammed with the fifth taste – savory (to go along with bitter, sweet, salty and sour). more »»

SCHOOL LUNCH MENUS - Aug. 22-26, 2011

August 16, 2011 Burlington-Des Lacs Elementary Monday: Slushburger on bun, green beans, baked beans, fresh fruit. Tuesday: Sub sandwich, salad bar, three-bean salsa and tortilla chips, pears and mandarin oranges. more »»

Heavenly delights

August 10, 2011 It’s light, pairs perfectly with fresh berries and ice cream, and even is low-fat. It’s summer’s perfect dessert – angel food cake. It’s also wonderfully easy to mak. more »»

LET'S COOK: Maxine planted a lifetime of goodwill

August 10, 2011 She stood on the corner of Ninth and Main wearing her striped green and white polyester pants. As usual when she was outdoors, a hat was on her head. more »»


August 9, 2011 Burlington-Des Lacs Elementary Wednesday: Chicken nuggets, carrots/celery, baked beans, fresh fruit, oatmeal cookie. Thursday: Spaghetti and meat sauce, breadstick, salad bar, peaches and applesauc. more »»

Spice up your veggies

August 3, 2011 Fresh produce from your own garden or a farmers’ market brings luscious and healthy dishes to the table, Sue Willson demonstrated at a Gourmet Chef class. more »»

Great Tomato Festival fundraiser set

August 3, 2011 Even a devastating flood will not overcome Minot’s spirit of tradition and fun, organizers of the Great Tomato Festival insist. more »»

FOOD on a DEADLINE - Butter, bananas a fresh take on bruschetta

August 3, 2011 Because why not bananas? Admittedly, they are an unusual choice for bruschetta. more »»

Diet foods seek to appeal to your inner glutton

August 3, 2011 When’s the last time you were guiltily scraping your way to the bottom of an ice cream carton and noticed this message: “150 calories per pint”? Yes, per pint. more »»

Hidden veggies? Don't tell the kids

August 3, 2011 It looks like Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, and Kraft says it tastes just like the original. But a new ingredient is lurking inside this version of the American family dinner staple – cauliflower. more »»

Take a DIP!

July 27, 2011 Maybe you need another idea for packing fiber and vitamins into your child’s lunch. Or maybe you’re looking for a way to convince yourself to eat more fruit. more »»



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