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Hillary for President in 2016?

April 8, 2013 - Andrea Johnson
So it's looking like Hillary Rodham Clinton may make another run for the Presidency in 2016.

No such announcement has been made but Hillary sure is looking and acting like a Presidential candidate. She issued a statement this spring expressing her support for gay marriage, which I don't think was in much doubt, but it will win her support from key Democratic groups. She's writing a book about her time as Secretary of State that is expected to come out next year and will help remind potential voters of her various accomplishments. I remember writing about the first attempt at a health care system overhaul back in the 1990s. Hillary, as First Lady, was one of its major architects. She is also a former Senator from New York. It's been 15 years or more since you could refer to her as just the former First Lady or wife of Bill Clinton.

Her various supporters seem to already be organizing the campaign behind the scenes. People on the Sunday news shows yesterday were all buzzing about a run they seem to think is nearly certain.

As a woman and as a feminist, I know I ought to be thrilled by the prospect of a woman in the White House. On paper, she is probably the most qualified woman of all the potential Presidential candidates in the Democratic party.

But, for whatever reason, there is something about Hillary Rodham Clinton that I have found difficult to warm to and I suspect that feeling is shared by a fair number of potential voters.

What do you think of Hillary Clinton's prospects for a Presidential run?


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Apr-09-13 8:59 AM

It's so obvious it's all about position and power for that lady. She loves to control people and everything people do.


Apr-08-13 11:33 PM

Anyone tha that doesnt know why Hillary stayed with Bill needs to talk to a conseler..

She stayed with Bill becasue he has been doing this ever since they got married. They are swingers.. Its their way of life. He is a slug always has been always will be..

Its about the money and the prestigae,,Its not about him and her as married.. Its about him and her and taking all they can from America..

And you say Clinton has cleaned up his act ??? You have got to be kidding>> Once a sex maniac always a sex maniac.. Just the Liberal press is now leabing him alone. If she will all come out about what he has been doing.. wait and see.. things she has no clue about will surface again


Apr-08-13 11:29 PM

Andrea if you have no pride in your looks, your body and your professional Face then how can we expect her to have any pride in America?

Or are we to the point where it only matters what her name is and not what is in her brain.. or to the point where we have to elect a women and America be dammmmmmmed>>>>

Just like electing Obama.. We need a black even if the guy cannot keep his hands off our money and needs to play golf and run about the country as we head deeper into a depression.

To some of you its all about being Politically Correct and yet you are willing to dump America into the outhouse just to follow the big dogs..

Face it Andrea Hillary looks like an over weight hippo with a bad hairdo!!!

She neds to Put down the fork and keep her mouth shut. If she loses one hundred pounds I will vote for her.. How is that for a promise from a Republican?

She reminds me of what has happened in our society. People show up in church in jeans and a t-shirt. Use to be you


Apr-08-13 10:00 PM

Bill Clinton did behave disgracefully, though he seems to have improved his image since his Presidency. It would be interesting to see what a former President in the role of "First Husband" would do.

I have no idea why Hillary stayed with him or stood by him but I imagine it would have been hard to walk away from a nearly 20 year marriage when they have a child together. She's also had quite a successful career, with his backing, in the years since.


Apr-08-13 7:09 PM

I was not impressed by the "stand by her man" thing, in spite of the stories told by the involved women themselves. In her own words: what difference does it (or do they) make?


Apr-08-13 4:36 PM

She looks fine to me.


Apr-08-13 4:20 PM

Hillary will run No doubt in my mind.

But what sticks out most to me is what a slob she has become.

Would we elect a POTUS in a guy who looks like he hadnt combed his hair in months, like he never left the table without at least 3 helpings of dessert?

Whenever I see a guy in his sweats I can only assume he didnt shower and therefore jumped into his sweats..No one takes a bath and puts on clean sweats.. Hillary looks like she is very unkempt altho Thank God I have not yet seen her in sweat pants..


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