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What would a blog called Stuff North Dakotans Like include?

January 11, 2013 - Andrea Johnson
The Stuff White People Like blog was apparently big a few years ago, but now the acronym SWPL seems to be an acronym in the blogosphere for a certain kind of painfully hip, wealthy, fashionable upper class liberal white person.

The first time a conservative blogger used it, I had to ask what the heck these SWPLs are. Then I got curious enough to check out the blog. The descriptions remind me of my socially conscious Seattle cousins and certain English and women's studies professors I had in college. Some of my college friends likely would have qualified if they had had the blog way back then. I belonged to the university's branch of Amnesty International and Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) at the time. One member of the group spent a year in Prague after he graduated, something I've always been kind of sorry I didn't do when I was younger. On the other hand, I'm not sure if the North Dakota variety of hipster would qualify as an SWPL if you asked the hipsters in Seattle and Brooklyn.

Among the things SWPLs like at are such things as: picking their own fruit; "Mad Men," taking a year off; political prisoners; black music that black people don't listen to anymore; appearing to like classical music; The Onion; unpaid internships; being offended; hummus; free healthcare; having gay friends; having black friends; hating corporations; graduate school; bottled water; being the only white person around; expensive sandwiches; natural medicine; vintage items; public radio; marijuana; vegetarian diets; Wrigley Field; not having a TV; yoga; Barack Obama; farmer's markets; film festivals and religions their parents don't belong to.

What would a blog called "Stuff North Dakotans Like" include? I think it could be a hit. Maybe even get a book deal (something else SWPLs are supposed to like.)

The blog can be found at (


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Jan-22-13 4:45 PM

When I see these acronyms, I can't help but think of them as 'sweeples' and 'sandals'. But a list of SNDL wouldn't be complete without camoflage, sandwich shops, four-door trucks, the caramel roll (unknown elsewhere), at least one jet-ski/snowmobile/ATV, and multi-bay garages blocking up the front of the house.


Jan-12-13 6:58 PM


22. (quasi)vegetarian diets

23. Wrigley Field (sure)

24. not having a TV (I can just turn mine off)

25. yoga (not anymore)

26. Barack Obama (as a person?)

27. farmer's markets (Yes!)

28. film festivals (showing the newest pics of the kids)

29. religions their parents don't belong to (gotcha!)

Easy as pie!


Jan-12-13 6:55 PM

My own entry for the new SNDL blog:

1. picking their own fruit (when it's free - chokecherries come to mind)

2. "Mad Men" (totally overrated)

3. taking a year off (not anymore, but I took a month off when 19)

4. political prisoners (no)

5. black music..(Lawrence Welk instead)

6. classical music (I do like it)

7. The Onion (yes, as well as The Garlic)

8. unpaid internships (too old)

9. being offended (lose too many friends)

10. hummus (no)

11. free healthcare (no such thing as a free lunch)

12. having gay (black and all kinds of) friends

13. hating corporations (not when I could be a member of one)

14. graduate school (no time)

15. bottled water (when necessary)

16. being the only white person around (yes, typically in a pasture)

17. (NON)expensive sandwiches

18. natural medicine (all the time)

19. vintage items (if appropriate)

20. public radio (when nothing else is on)

21. marijuana (BTDT)

22. (quasi)vege


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