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What flavor of Republican or Democrat are you?

July 1, 2014 - Andrea Johnson
Are you a steadfast conservative, a young outsider or a faith and family leftist?

There's an interesting new Pew Research Center Poll that breaks down some of the different political factions in this country. Some of it touches on the discussion we've been having about the upcoming Presidential election and the merits of the different candidates. You can find out where you stand by taking the quiz at

According to the poll, steadfast conservatives are "socially conservative populists" while business conservatives are another breed entirely and are more likely to be both in favor of Wall Street and in favor of immigration. Both groups are more likely than not to vote Republican.

As for the liberals, they range from solid liberals who vote Democratic no matter what to the so-called next generation left, who are younger, pretty liberal on social issues like legalization of gay marriage but are less apt to support social welfare programs. "Faith and family leftists" are religious and represent a variety of ethnicities. Hard-pressed skeptics have been worn down by the economic woes of the past decade and are skeptical about government, though they depend more on social welfare programs than other groups. 'Young Outsiders" are fiscal conservatives but more liberal on social issues.

More information about the results of the study can be found at


Article Comments



Jul-08-14 10:02 AM

Negative Rights!

Jul-06-14 4:26 AM

all this talk about parties is so sickening just do your job forget who or what party you are. Tired of it all. If only we could get rid of these parties. Wishful thinking, we would be better off


Jul-02-14 9:59 PM

@ BeautifulDay: totally agree


Jul-02-14 4:51 PM

My best fit is the Next Generation Left. I guess I'm an idealist and just think people should do what's right, regardless of their party: lend a helping hand when someone is down and out; stand up for the underdog (hint: that's not big business); realize it's not our right to judge others for not believing the same as we do; stop being completely self-centered and greedy, etc.


Jul-02-14 8:18 AM

I'm a BlueDog, can't we all just get along!!

The First Party System of the United States featured the Federalist Party and the Democratic-Republican Party (Anti-Federalist). The Federalist Party grew from Washington's Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, who favored a strong united central government, close ties to Britain, a centralized banking system, and close links between the government and men of wealth. The Democratic-Republican Party was founded by James Madison and by Washington's Secretary of State, Thomas Jefferson, who strongly opposed Hamilton's agenda. Both parties had newspapers favoring them, with the Federalist paper being the Gazette of the United States and the Democratic-Republican paper being the National Gazette.


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