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Should Hermione have married Harry instead of Ron?

February 8, 2014 - Andrea Johnson
Should Hermione Granger have married Harry Potter instead of Ron?

One of my old college classmates was in a kerfuffle this week on Facebook because Harry Potter author JK Rowling gave an interview suggesting that she made a mistake in the last chapter of the final volume, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." This happily ever chapter neatly finished the series by marrying off Hermione to her friend, Ron Weasley, and Harry to Ron's little sister Ginny. The book ends at the train station as they send their own children off to the magical wizarding school, Hogwarts.

But now Rowling admits that Hermione and Ron wouldn't be happy together after all. In fact, she thinks the famously bickering couple would need a marriage counselor. Does the wizarding world even have marriage counseling? Who knows?

I suppose there are hints of conflict in that final chapter, should JK Rowling ever feel like writing about the adulthood of her famous creations. In the chapter, Ron admits to using magic to pass his Muggle driving test, a fact he has failed to tell Hermione. He also tells his daughter, little Rosie, that it is a good thing she inherited her mother's brains since he wants her to beat his old enemy Draco Malfoy's boy Scorpius on every test once they get to Hogwarts. Oh, Ron adds, and Grandpa Weasley will disown young Rose if she dares to fall in love with a pureblooded wizard like Scorpius. Hermione rightly scolds Ron for these comments, which upset their 11-year-old daughter. There, in those few paragraphs, is a year's worth of work for the marriage counselor.

Certain literary-minded fans have always written fan fiction starring Harry Potter characters paired with every conceivable character in the series, male or female, apparently with Rowling's tolerance if not approval. The what if? pairing of Harry and Hermione seems to be one of the more popular and Rowling's comments will certainly fuel the imagination of fan fiction writers who want to go in that direction.

Another popular fanfiction pairing appears to be of an adult Hermione and the much older Potions master Severus Snape, the only character in the series who seems to match her in intelligence. In fanfiction, Hermione and Snape may get together because the Wizarding World has passed a Marriage Law or after she comes back to Hogwarts to be a teacher or signs on as his Potions apprentice or when they meet in the Leaky Cauldron years after the war, when she has divorced Ron and is raising her children as a single mother. Undoubtedly, Rowling would look with horror on the idea of reviving poor Snape and making him Hermione's midlife crisis rebound affair, though I can see some possibilities there. Misunderstood Snape was really rather Byronic.

Since Hermione, Ron and Harry are all entirely fictional, the marriage of Hermione and Ron will only be on the rocks if Rowling decides to write them that way and she would be foolish to do so since it would cast a shadow over the series and affect future revenue. Still, she's certainly stirred the pot with her comments, which I suspect were intended mainly to attract publicity for whatever new project she's working on.


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Feb-17-14 1:16 PM

would be left out, sorry.


Feb-17-14 1:16 PM

I think the relationships progressed very naturally. Ron and Hermoine were thrown together as the supporters. Harry was envious of Ron's family and it only makes sense that he would fall in love with Ginny in order to become a real part of that family. If Harry and Hermoine would have gotten together, Ron would left out in the cold with noone and would not have stayed friends with Harry and Hermoine, thus making Harry more vulnerable.


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