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Leith white separatist could actually be 14 percent black

November 11, 2013 - Andrea Johnson
Here's an interesting tidbit about the white separatist in Leith: he's actually 14 percent Sub-Saharan African, according to the Daily Mail.

Craig Cobb apparently underwent DNA testing as part of a segment on Race in America done by The Trisha Show, which airs here on the FOX channel. Cobb apparently dismissed the test result out of hand and claimed it is only "statistical noise." He also refused to fist bump host Trisha Goddard.

Cobb is attempting to buy up land in Leith and persuade others like him to move there and create a white enclave. Long time residents of the town object to his presence.

Cobb, of course, looks like a pretty average white guy and, if his test results are anything to go by, he is of 86 percent European descent. Still, 14 percent is not insignificant and, based on what I know of DNA testing, it's far too great a percentage to be mere "statistical noise." When I had my own DNA tested through the company 23andme, my results showed that I have 0.4 percent Sub-Saharan African ancestry, which might be equivalent to having one black ancestor living at the time of George Washington or earlier. Two centuries is a long time. I have no idea who that black ancestor might have been and I have been able to find no records that might identify the many times black great-grandparent, though I suspect he or she belongs to the branch of the family that lived in North Carolina around 1800.

Cobb's 14 percent Sub-Saharan ancestry, on the other hand, very likely means he has some very recent black ancestors, probably near enough for others in his family to have had some inkling that they do have black ancestry and who Great-Grandpa might have been.

So what turns a guy like that into a white separatist? What a sad and twisted man Cobb must be.


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Nov-14-13 10:37 AM

23andme claims I am 3.1 percent Neanderthal, which is at the higher end of the equation. I think it averages around 2 to 3 percent for modern Europeans they test. Most of the studies are saying that modern humans are descended in part from different populations of "archaic humans." Modern Africans are descended from whatever archaic humans lived in Africa, just a different group than the Neanderthals. There was probably a lot of intermarriage between different groups that resulted in gene flow back into Africa from Europe and Arabia as well, even thousands of years ago. The Ethiopians are supposed to be in large part Arab because Arabs intermarried with blacks many generations ago. Population genetics is really fascinating. It's too bad people like Cobb have to be so ignorant.


Nov-12-13 8:59 AM

Rather stereotypical, don't you think?


Nov-12-13 1:21 AM

I think I have a solution for Cobb. If he's not too busy at Al Jazeera, Al Gore could step in to set up some kind of exchange - kind of like carbon credits. Except, instead of carbon, they would set up the currency in bloodlines. Cobb would simply exchange his unwanted 14 percent with someone who could use a 14 percent boost in their minority street cred... maybe Elizabeth Warren?


Nov-11-13 4:25 PM

I'd say a self-hater is probably a good place to begin. According to the Daily Mail, he said if he did have any (expletive) blood in his family, he sure didn't want any more of it. Interesting how the most vociferous haters often turn out to be in large part descended from what they despise. I've heard that Hitler was probably a bit Jewish.


Nov-11-13 3:28 PM

If true, that makes him, what, a self-hater? Or just a 14% self-hater?


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